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Haiti Still Needs Our Help, Five Years After the Earthquake

Haiti was thrust into the international spotlight five years ago when a catastrophic earthquake demolished much of its capital city and the surrounding region. Rebuilding efforts are still ongoing and Beyonce has even joined in to help. She was there just days ago in an effort to bring renewed attention to the devastated country.

But the […]

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  • PCI Recognizes Humanitarian Heroes for World Humanitarian Day 2014

We Need a Hero or Two

Every year, natural and manmade disasters strike, affecting the lives of millions of people – rich or poor. It is not a muscular superhero or superheroine  who saves the day, but rather someone who looks like your next door neighbor, your elementary school teacher, or your pharmacist.

Janet Castaneda was 27 years old when she traveled to Vietnam, […]

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Is it too late to ‘stop’ climate change in Asia?

At PCI, we recognize the life-altering effects of climate change on the communities we work with and have implemented programs to build the local capacity so that they can efficiently adapt. Our SAPARM program in Ethiopia is a great example of improving a community’s ability to adapt to climate change.

Written by: Lead Alfred Santos

At this […]

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Fighting poverty in Bangladesh through goat rearing

Written by: ACDI/VOCA

In support of prime ACDI/VOCA, PCI is partnering in the implementation of a new program focused on increasing food security among vulnerable households in the Khulna Division of southwestern Bangladesh. The Program for Strengthening Household Access to Resources (PROSHAR) is utilizing an integrated approach to empower communities by addressing maternal and child health […]

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Expert panel: Disaster Relief and Risk Reduction

In many countries where PCI works, even small shocks and stresses can have devastating and long-term effects on families – their health, safety, livelihoods, access to clean water and sanitation, food and housing. PCI provides humanitarian assistance to people affected by disasters and complex emergencies; helps governments, local organizations, and communities better manage risk and respond to emergencies when they arise; and integrates […]

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