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A Place to Learn: Classrooms in Tanzania

A chalkboard, rows of desks, pencils, paper, crayons, books – walk into any classroom in the United States and you’re likely to find these basic supplies. But these back-to-school items can’t be found in every classroom around the world.

We’ve worked in many schools in several countries over the last 50+ years, and have seen different […]

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Better Technologies, Better Farming

There’s no shortage of exciting, groundbreaking technologies that are revolutionizing agricultural development around the world. We recently attended the ICTforAg conference and were thrilled to see the innovative work of many other organizations in the field.

Take CI Agriculture in Indonesia. They are using unmanned areal vehicles (yes, drones) combined with satellite imagery and ground sensors to […]

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These Farmers Don’t Bike to Work, They Bike For Work

No, they aren’t joining the Tour de France or becoming Urban Bike Messengers, they’re using a bike-powered, portable threshing machine that could revolutionize farming in Ethiopia and help alleviate poverty for thousands of farmers across the country.

Threshers traditionally are large, expensive farming machines used to separate grain from stalks. Although they were introduced in the […]

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It All Starts with Water, and It’s About Time

“How far would you walk for water?”

That’s a common question leading up to PCI’s Walk for Water happening in San Diego on April 19th and the first thing Dylan will ask you if you ask him about the event. (The second being: are you going?)

Dylan is the president of his county’s Walk for Water committee, […]

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This Porridge is Just Right – Full of Nutritional Value

We all know the fairy tale of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Goldilocks comes across a quaint house in the woods with three bowls of porridge. Feeling hungry, she tries all three and settles on the third, which is just right – not too hot, not too cold.

This fairly tale is becoming a reality in […]

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