PCI: Combating the spread of HIV

Putting the ‘H’ in HIV

Rarely are the words ‘hope’ and ‘HIV’ used in the same sentence, particularly when you consider an estimated 33 million people are living with this life-threatening disease worldwide.

PCI is giving many who have lost hope a reason to believe in life again by providing family-centered care and support to thousands of people living with HIV in Africa, Asia and the Americas.

PCI focuses on assisting those most at risk through community-based interventions that offer services including home-based care and outreach; antiretroviral therapy and access to nutritional food; support groups and counseling; economic empowerment activities; and support for caregivers and orphans. By utilizing a network of dedicated volunteers and strengthening community-based organizations, PCI is ensuring vital care is reaching those who need it most.

Because of these holistic programs, PCI reached over 360,000 men, women and children living with and affected by HIV in 2009, helping them lead healthier, more hopeful lives.



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  • #Throwback to 1969! Charles Schulz, thought to be one of the greatest cartoonists of all time and the author of Peanuts, helped us spread our mission. #tbt

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  • Throwing back to the last 50 years, one week at a time. PCI has been created long term change since the 1960's. Here you see refugees in #HongKong, where PCI founder, Dr. Turpin, created the first floating clinic to meet their medical needs.

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  • #Life and #Lessons Learned in Guatemala’s Rural Highlands (An Intern's Experience Working in a Maternal Health Clinic): In Guatemala, indigenous families face extreme #poverty and harsh living conditions. Women and children are the most vulnerable, lacking access to basic education and health services, and struggling against traditional prejudices that diminish their quality of life.

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  • PCI is working to study the patterns of sex #trafficking in #Tijuana, and how it might address the need with a trans-border (U.S.) solution. Additionally, it hosts community information nights to show the movie, Indoctrinated: The Grooming of Children into Prostitution, and featuring talks from a #SanDiego sex trafficking survivor.

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