Think Forward - and help change the world.

Look ahead. See the future.
There’s a lot we wish
to accomplish. You can help.
Imagine the possibilities if
we all Think Forward together.

We all know that life can be full of uncertainties. This is particularly true for those who live in extreme poverty and are often confronted with things like hunger, disease, and barriers to education. These challenges can make it difficult to think much beyond the immediate problems at hand. That is why, at PCI, we are working with communities to provide them with the tools and training to overcome the issues they face today and empower them to build a brighter future for generations to come.

Just as we encourage and work with the communities to create a better tomorrow, PCI too strives to continually be forward thinking in our program strategy, planning and implementation. This is where our Think Forward monthly giving program comes in.

Think Forward is a group of our supporters who understand that by committing to make a monthly donation to PCI they are not only making an impact with their gift now – they are giving us an extra level of certainty as we plan ahead and invest in our programs’ growth to reach more communities that need our help.

Watch the video to see why we Think Forward.

Join PCI’s monthly recurring gift program.
Your commitment will help PCI empower communities to build a brighter future.

Join Think Forward and help change the world.

Your commitment will help PCI empower communities to build a brighter future.

Think Forward gifts support the entire PCI mission, going to where the need is greatest.
Below are a few examples of our work and how small monthly gifts in PCI can make a significant impact in the communities we serve.

Think Forward

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Meet Our Think Forward Members

We’re thankful to the following supporters who have joined us first in thinking forward…

Joy Arthur
Susan Bates
Tom and Unyoung Bliss
Michael Bowling
Daniel and Amy Cannon
Alan and Anne Clopine
Julie Crockford
Patrick and Kelsey Dale
Debra Dawson
Annie Dettinger
Lauren Dockweiler
Sarahkatherine Dowling
Andres Galeano
Nepeta Godec
Christina Gomez
Roger and Polly Graham
Beth Grinnell
Leonora Hancock
Brian Hassler
Cynthia Heffron
Michael Hsu
Daniel and Sharon Huffman

Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Justena Kavanagh
Sally Kraus
Christopher and Beth Lee
Stephanie Locricchio
Mark Lombardo
John and Barbara Lynskey
Fred Mahan
Lisa Marie Campbell
Therese Marzouk
Ellen McEvily
Meridith Metzger
Anne Moore
Tova Mott
Jill Mueller
Carlota Munroe*
Lisa Nelson
Ray Nosxel
Nikolos Oakley
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Catherine O’Keefe
Karen Pavic-zabinski
Armita Pedramrazi

Nina Perez
Aravinda Prakash
Christine Queiroli
Loren Robin
Carl and Peg Ross
Laura Sales
Ken and Pamela Sharpe
Susan Shaw
Jeff and Karin Sherman
Liz Smith
Ronald Solar and Sharyl Rosen-Solar
Gavin and Kathryn Spadin
John and Cynthia Stewart
Harold and Bep Stier
Sonia Stringer
Jodie Taylor
J&l Wells
Debra Whitson
Amy Williams
Ana Williams
Metta Zetty

Learn more about Think Forward

How do I join Think Forward?
To join Think Forward, simply choose to make ongoing monthly (or quarterly) donations that are automatically charged to your credit card or deducted from your checking or savings account by electronic funds transfer.
Can I easily change my monthly donation amount?
You can choose to increase, decrease, or cancel your recurring donation at any time.
Can I join Think Forward but make my monthly gifts offline?
Sure! You can choose to send in a gift each month, or if you send us a voided check and commitment form, we can deduct your monthly gift from your checking or savings account by electronic funds transfer. You can also be a member of Think Forward if you give through your own employer giving program.
Why should I consider making a monthly donation?
Recurring monthly donations are an easy and affordable way for you to make a positive impact on the lives of families living in poverty. Scheduled gifts also enable us to more easily project our revenue, which gives us more confidence when making decisions about expanding our programs to reach more communities in need. If you aren’t ready to commit to monthly giving, we would still greatly appreciate your support.
How will my donation be spent?
We have provided a few examples of how certain gift amounts could translate to the work that we do in the communities we work in for a frame of reference. This is not a guarantee that your donation will go to that specific purpose. All gifts made to the Think Forward program support the entire PCI mission to prevent disease, improve community health, and promote sustainable development worldwide, and go to where the need is the greatest.

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