Mauricia’s Story By

Mauricia’s Story

“It is never too late to achieve our dreams. This group and the members motivate and support me so that I can achieve my goals.”

Mauricia from Rio Hondo Malacatancito, Guatemala

Her Story:
Mauricia Tarax Larios is a 54-year-old widow and mother of 12 children living in the community of Rio Hondo Malacatancito, Guatemala. She joined PCI’s WE Initiative in August of 2012 and is now excited about her future. She arrives an hour and a half early to every meeting. “At the first meeting I attended, I was charged a fee for arriving late. I don’t know how to read or write and I also cannot tell time. Now on the days I have a meeting I wake up before the sun comes out, I happily get ready and then I walk for an hour to arrive at my group’s meeting place.”

Ms. Larios finally feels empowered and that her dreams can come true. She is learning so much during the group meetings and trainings provided by PCI that she is now able to sell chilies and herbs in her community. Eventually she wants to rent a space at the local market to sell products every day.