Windows recently launched its #UgradeYourWorld campaign to celebrate global nonprofits who do great work around the world. Each organization will receive a $500,000 donation, Microsoft technology and support. They’ve already picked nine excellent nonprofits and are asking the world to choose one more to add to the roster. Oh, the things we could do with $500,000!

The tenth organization is chosen completely by the people, so we need your help. Our community’s support has allowed us to help people around the world transform their lives for more than 50 years. But don’t take our word for it.

Here are 10 reasons why we should be one of Windows’ 10 global nonprofits:


10. We value moms and babies around the world.


Indigenous families in Guatemala face extreme poverty and harsh living conditions, with women and children being the most vulnerable. Fifteen years ago, we partnered with a local association of midwives in rural Guatemala to reduce infant and child mortality by creating Casa Materna. The Casa gives women with high-risk pregnancies a place to stay for care and monitoring during the final weeks of their pregnancies. Since its inception, Casa Materna has saved the lives of hundreds of moms and babies.

BONUS: We’ve also just begun a new partnership with United States Agency for International Development (USAID) called Every Preemie – SCALE that will work to help preemies in 24 countries get the care they need to survive.

9. We’re building stronger families.


We developed a new type of care group for children in Bangladesh that gets mothers, fathers and mothers-in-law to work together as a supportive team. We’ve seen women gain more say in their health and the health of their children, improved family relationships, and less domestic violence.

8. We know good nutrition changes lives.


Learning is major challenge for hungry children. Since 2001, we’ve provided more than 154 million meals to schoolchildren in Tanzania, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The effects of this program ripple out into the community as we involve parents in preparing school meals so they can learn how to adopt good nutrition practices at home.

7. We’re big fans of innovation.


We’re always looking for ways to better impact health, hunger and hardship around the world. Recently, we partnered with students at San Diego State University to create a bike-powered thresher to help Ethiopian farmers process grain. The old method took five people and four cattle 14 hours to produce just two pounds of grain, but this simple invention brings it down to just two people and four hours for the same amount of grain. Imagine what communities could do with the extra time and resources.

BONUS: We have a policy that encourages everyone at PCI to spend 15 percent of their time innovating.

6. We stay true to our roots.


For more than 25 years, our Well Baby Clinics in Mexico have promoted the healthy development of families and children living in Tijuana’s most vulnerable communities — where our organization was born. Our Well Baby Clinics have reached nearly 70,000 children and have contributed to the decline of child malnutrition in Tijuana, the leading cause of child mortality.

5. We’re giving kids tools for a brighter future.


Currently in New Delhi, India, around 1.8 million people live in slum areas where high crime rates, violence and minimal access to food and clean water are the norm. Poverty-stricken children are reduced to ‘rag-picking,’ the act of sifting through garbage for materials to sell and recycle to survive. In 2000, we opened a New Delhi vocational training center that has helped many vulnerable children change their fates.

4. We’re fighting diseases like Ebola.


Long before the Ebola outbreak began, we were working to improve food security and nutrition in Liberia. When the disease hit, we used our trusted position in communities to educate people and distribute protective supplies. More than 90% of the 700 Liberian communities where we work have remained Ebola-free since day one.

3. We work across the globe and in our own backyard.


Our hometown of San Diego is one of the top 13 high-intensity child prostitution cities in America. We’re combating this ugly ill in our beautiful city through prevention activities with girls, working with men to decrease the demand, and providing general community education. Our prevention program, Girls Only, fights human trafficking by promoting self-esteem, developing life skills, and inspiring positive motivation in young girls.

BONUS: We’ve partnered with the Mexican Consulate for 10 years to help Hispanic immigrants in San Diego get the health information and referrals they need. This program, Ventanilla de Salud, has expanded and is modeled across the country.

2. We find creative ways to use technology.


Pastoralists know that their herds need green pastures to survive, but when they have to trek for two weeks to find it, with direction often based on incomplete or second-hand data, the chances of actually finding those pastures are low. Our groundbreaking SAPARM project helps Ethiopian pastoralists by creating satellite maps that show how much green grass is in an area, and how that greenery changes over time. This project has been so successful in Ethiopia that Google wants to help us expand it to Tanzania.

1. We know women can change the world.


Women are central to much of our programing but they are especially engaged and celebrated through our Women Empowered (WE) Initiative. WE is a system of savings groups that encourage women to borrow and lend money in a small community group. The group provides women with valuable business skills, a forum to discuss important social issues, and a launching point to transform their lives.


Let’s get voting!

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