1.  New Country Director – Today is current Country Director – V.S. Gurumani (a.k.a Guru’s) last day at the office and we are all heading over after work to celebrate years of his dedication to PCI and his new endeavors. Staff is excited to meet new incoming Country Director – Ed Scholl, who is expected to arrive in India in early May. India is a very vibrant country with a lot of development/changes happening all the time and new fresh perspective from Ed, who comes with 20+ years of development experience is a much needed input to already very strong local team.

2. New proposal submissions – Bettina, Julia, Vikas, and the rest of PCI India team worked tirelessly for several weeks to submit two very strong proposals to CDC.

3. Increase activities in our Parivartan project – we are in the second year of implementation of our Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funded project. The project, which operates primarily in Patna (Bihar state), is moving at full speed. PCI has made tremendous momentum in collaborating and partnering with the government, and has leveraged community partnerships and made significant inroads with the 8 innovation districts we are working in for the community mobilization-focused project.

4. 0 Polio incidents – Our Polio Eradication project called CGPP and funded through World Vision is demonstrating strong results. Through years of extensive training number of polio incidents have dropped and has been 0 for nearly 3 years. India is expected to get certified as a polio-free country once 3 years is achieved without any reported incident.

5. New Sr. Manager of Finance and Administration is hired for Patna office – Today is the first day for Parivartan project’s new Sr. Manager of Finance and Administration – Mr. Jiwan Prakesh. He joined PCI team after extensive set of interviews and dove into heavy orientation trainings this week. He will be heading to Patna later in the week to assume his duties.