You can make your birthday reach around the world. Here at PCI, our supporters can help our global efforts by fundraising for PCI instead of receiving gifts in honor of their birthday.

We provide our fundraisers tools to be most successful with their campaigning. After setting up your birthday fundraising platform here, you can follow these easy tips to get the most support from your friends and family.

  1. Be your first donor. It may seem weird to give to your own birthday campaign, but if you want to convince others of the cause, it’s easier when you’ve invested in it too.
  2. Find a few key people who you know will donate, and ask for their support first. Call them and explain why you’re campaigning for your birthday and why their support matters. This is important because the hardest few gifts are the first. Getting early donations from your closest circle will help your other friends and family want to donate.
  3. Break out the address book. Write an email or letter to the rest of your friends and family and send it to them before your birthday. Explain who PCI is, why it matters to you and how they (your friends and family) can help you make an impact.
    Appeal Tip* Write it at least 3-4 weeks before your birthday to make sure Grandma didn’t already buy you a gift! Also, people love visuals. Add a photo from the PCI website to show the great work a donation will be supporting.
  4. Spread the word on social media. We have plenty of stories on social media about our programs and the people we’ve helped – share them! Make sure to tag us so your friends and family can easily check out more.
    Find us on:
    Facebook: @Project Concern International
    Twitter: @PCIGlobal
    Instagram: @PCIGlobal
  5. THANK, THANK AND THANK YOUR DONORS! Don’t wait until your campaign is over to start showing your appreciation. Our fundraising site, Classy, makes it easy to comment on someone’s donation right away. Let them know you’re thankful for their support.
    Fundraising Tip* Use someone’s donation as leverage to gain more donations through social media.
    Example: Thank you @JohnSmith for donating to my fundraising campaign to benefit @Project Concern International! Your gift pushed us past the half-way mark of our goal! Join John and help me to raise $XXXXX for PCI today!
  6. Send a final ask for donations through email and social media on your actual birthday. This is a great chance to get those last few donors who want to contribute.
  7. Share your final amount raised and the impact it made. This not only thanks your donors again, but it explains the impact you all have made to change the world.
    Tip* Ask a PCI employee for updates on impact to share to your network about what you accomplished together.