The foundation for a healthy life begins at birth with immunizations for children and nutrition education for mothers. Through generous support from the Medtronic Foundation, we have been able to provide those needed health services for thousands of people in seven communities across Tijuana – services that will serve them now and well in to the future.

We were honored to receive a $160,000 gift just over a year ago and now realize the generosity of Medtronic has gone farther than we could have imagined.

Medtronic blogIt has helped to continue much needed Well Baby clinics, offering immunizations and nutritional counseling sessions for mothers and children under the age of 5. These nutritional sessions cover the importance of food choices for long-term health.

It supports a health education program to help community members adopt healthier lifestyles to prevent obesity and heart disease. Diabetes is one of the leading causes of heart disease and death in Mexico, and obesity, a precursor to Diabetes, is high in both adults and children.

It helped volunteer community health workers serve for more than 1,200 hours this past year, providing individualized or group nutrition counseling, first aid services, referrals, and home visits for vital sign check-ups. This service has come at the request of the community and has been developed largely at their direction.

The numbers behind what we’ve been able to accomplish so far are astounding:

  • 3,612 immunizations – that’s almost 100 per day
  • 152 individual nutrition counseling sessions
  • 278 group health education sessions
  • 324 home visits by volunteer community health workers

And best of all, we’re only half way through the project.

As our work ramps up, we expect those numbers to more than double over the next year, as those lives that have been positively impacted continue to share healthy messages on nutrition and diabetes-prevention throughout their communities.

Gerardo de la Concha, VP of Medtronic’s México Operations, says they support PCI “because we’re also mission driven, we both want to restore health and build healthy communities…we are very pleased with this partnership and look forward to extending it for many years.”

PCI was founded over 50 years ago to partner with communities along the U.S.-Mexican border to improve the lives of children, and that vision and mission is still alive today in our Well Baby clinics.  “Without the generous support of the Medtronic Foundation here in Mexico, this work would not have been possible. We have been able to help these communities get on the path to health and wellness that is essential for their future. Thank you!”

– Blanca Lomelli, Mexico Country Director