Advancing the Rights of Women and Girls

We work to ensure that women and girls are in charge of their own futures, are valued as leaders, have access to the resources and opportunities needed to thrive, and live in safe and resilient communities.

Why It Matters

While we know gender equality is essential to ending global poverty, women and girls continue to face persistent injustice that violates their fundamental human rights, obstructs their access to health services and education, and increases their vulnerability to gender-based violence and exploitation. They are frequently excluded from leadership positions and political processes and are often the worst affected by humanitarian crises.

At PCI, our mission of empowering the most vulnerable means putting women and girls at the center of our work by investing in them as leaders, change agents and economic actors.

Our programs expand women’s access to economic opportunities and health services and partner with families and communities to keep adolescent girls in school, prevent HIV and early pregnancy, and stop gender-based violence and exploitation.

Men and boys are also critical to the changes we seek. In our health and economic empowerment programs, PCI works with men as partners, fathers and allies to adopt new attitudes and practices that benefit their own well-being and that of their families

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