AfriScout: The Shepherd’s Eye in the Sky

“This map has eliminated yesterday’s suffering, thirst and hunger we experienced through arbitrary scouting. It has many benefits.”

– Bakkar, African Pastoralist


PCI is revolutionizing the way pastoralists in Africa find pasture and water for their animals using the power of satellite and mobile technology. The AfriScout mobile service provides current water and vegetation conditions on localized grazing maps, enabling pastoralists to make more accurate and cost-effective migration decisions, improve pasture management and collaboration, reduce the risk of herd loss, and ultimately transform their lives.

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Voice of America News reports on benefits of AfriScout in northern Kenyan village

In Kenya’s Bebisa Village, Ali Gufu and his companions lead a herd of camels from a watering site to a grazing camp. The 42-year-old father of three inherited nomadic pastoralism from his forefathers, but he cares for his animals with a 21st century tool – a smartphone app called AfriScout.

Al Jazeera’s Earthrise Series Features AfriScout

A quarter of a billion nomadic herders across Africa are experiencing significant changes in weather patterns that are jeopardizing their ability to find pasture and water for their herds. Watch how a pastoralist in drought-stricken Kenya is using the map service to adapt to climate change.

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511,709 km2 of traditional grazing land

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