Annual Reports

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Enduring Impact: PCI's 2016 Annual Report

Enduring Impact: Explore PCI’s 2016 Annual Report (English / Spanish)

PCI's 2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report: 2015 was the most successful year in PCI’s history as we helped transform the lives of more than 19 million people around the world and expanded our program reach. (English / Spanish)

PCI's 2014 Annual Report

2014 Annual Report: In 2014, PCI helped transform the lives of over 8 million men, women, and children around the world, encouraging greater opportunity and ensuring healthier, more productive lives.

2013 Annual Report

2013 Annual ReportIn 2013, PCI helped transform the lives of nearly 6 million people, expanding our impact in 16 countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas. Underlying all of this work after more than a half century of experience is our conviction that people have the power to change their own lives, despite the weight of unrelenting poverty. (English / Spanish)

Transforming Lives

2012 Annual Report: Despite the uncertainties of the economic environment in 2012, PCI closed the year on strong footing with our impact, programs and financial support all continuing to grow. This annual report highlights some of our continuing initiatives and most important priorities as we look ahead to our 2013-2016 Strategic Plan.

2011 Annual Report

2011 Annual Report: 2011 was a significant year for PCI, not only with the celebration of our 50th Anniversary and the ongoing transformation of our brand, but with the expansion of our impact globally in the Americas, Africa, and Asia. We grew by more than 20% in both staff and operating budget, adding or expanding programs in 10 of our 16 countries.

2010 Annual Report

2010 Annual Report: In 2010, PCI reached nearly 5 million people through program services, and an additional 4 million people through awareness and educational campaigns in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. We know from fifty years of experience that poverty and poor health are inextricably linked, and that real change in the health and self-sufficiency of people living in deep poverty is possible only when solutions are created and owned by the people we serve.

2009 Annual Report

2009 Annual Report: Despite the challenges of the global economy in the last year, PCI’s impact continued to grow as we reached more than 5.5 million people in 15 countries. With nearly 50 years of experience, we know when we give people the tools and the resources they need they can lift themselves out of poverty and create a healthy future for their families.

2008 Annual Report

2008 Annual Report: PCI’s (Project Concern International) Annual Report in 2008 grows out of our conviction that we can turn the tide on disease, malnutrition and poverty, of our overwhelming experience that has taught us if we provide the tools and resources people need, they will lift themselves out of poverty and create a healthy, secure future for their families.

2007 Annual Report

2007 Annual Report: PCI’s long-standing purpose is change – sustainable change in the health and self-sufficiency of families living in desperate poverty. The foundation for real and lasting change is our commitment to community-led development. We have nearly a half-century of experience that demonstrates that long-term solutions to the most critical health problems in the developing world must come from the ground up.

2006 Annual Report

2006 Annual Report: In 2006 Project Concern demonstrated what can be achieved when individuals, local organizations, communities, businesses and governments work together for a common cause. Strengthening collective efforts is essential to achieving lasting impact. Most importantly, it helps the lives of children and families.