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Thank You To Our Donors

The achievements of PCI would not be possible without the support of the individuals, foundations, corporations, governments and partners that believe in and invest in our programs. The following donor listing recognizes those who supported PCI with cumulative donations of $500 or more during the 15-month period of October 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015.

If we inadvertently omitted your name from our list of donors or if you would like to be listed differently in future recognition lists, please let us know so that we can rectify the error. You may do so by contacting Amy Williams at


Richard Arnold and Marshall Whiting
Louann Baudrand
Roger Brault
Ben and Janet Castaneda
Larry and Judith Ettinger
Mary Sue Greene
Norman Hapke and Valerie Jacobs
Frank Hooper
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Katherine Konzen
John and Claire MacLennan
Donald Massey
Philip Matthews
William McQuinn
Royce and Joyce Pepin
Robert and Nancy Plaxico
Bertha Sanchez
Jim and Wrenn Turpin
Lawrence and Mary Lynn Weitzen
Bert Young


Philip and Veronica Anderson
Elizabeth Applebaum
Joy Arthur
Jessica Ayala
Susan Bates
Michele Beebe
Peggy Birr
Mary Black
Tom and Unyoung Bliss
Michael Bowling
Jeffrey Briggs
Laura Bruce
Cherie Buletza
Deanna Burke
Lesley Bush
Karenann Byers
Ryan Caillet
Lisa Marie Campbell
Daniel and Amy Cannon J
Jennifer Carter
Cristiana Catteneo
Amy Chasey
Caitlin Clark
Kathy Clark
Alan and Anne Clopine
Laurie Coles
Jennifer Conway
Rebecca Counihan
Sandy Cowley
Julie Crockford
Patrick and Kelsey Dale
Debra Dawson
Amberlin Demmings
Melinda Desposito
Annie Dettinger
Ashley Dittmar
Lauren Dockweiler
Sarah Katherine Dowling
Gina Durichen
Jody Dyer
Ann Eastham
John and Jane Ewing
Donna Farmer
Ellen Faust
Stephanie Finnigan Brenda Flores
Cathy Fluegel
Andres Galeano
Simon Gibson
Nepeta Godec
Christina Gomez
Roger and Polly Graham
Beth Grinnell
Elizabeth Guerrero
Leonora Hancock
Ashley Harris
Jennifer Harris
Maria Harrison
Nicole Hartnell
Brian Hassler
Cynthia Heffron
Michael Hsu
Daniel and Sharon Huffman
Donna Hynes
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Rebecca Johansson
Carolyn Jones
Jennifer Kandel
Justena Kavanagh
Jacqueline Kerrigan
Gretchen Knight
Sally Kraus
Christopher and Beth Lee
Wendy Lewis
Mackensie Liberman
Stephanie Locricchio
Mark Lombardo
Ashley Luther
John and Barbara Lynskey
Erica Mackinnon
Fred Mahan
Hollie Major
Vicki Martin
Therese Marzouk
Ellen McEvily
Kristy McGregor
Tracy Menuez
Meridith Metzger
Anne Moore
Monique Moore
Sarah Moran
James Morrison
Tova Mott
Jennifer Moyer
Jill Mueller
Carlota Munroe
Lisa Nelson
Ray Nosxel
Nikolos Oakley
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Catherine O’Keefe
Karen Pavic-Zabinski
Armita Pedramrazi
Nina Perez
Di Picard-Brown
Cynthia Poole
Leal Portis
Anna-Maja Powell
Aravinda Prakash
Christine Queiroli
Kristen Ramirez
Joyce Ramo
Dawn Regner
Jennifer Remazki
Roberta Robbins
Loren Robin
Cindi Rogers
Ronald Solar and Sharyl Rosen-Solar
Carl and Peg Ross
Laura Sales
Kenneth and Pamela Sharpe
Susan Shaw
Je and Karin Sherman
Summer Slaght
Liz Smith
Brandi Smith
Ronald Solar and Sharyl Rosen-Solar
Gavin and Kathryn Spadin
Nancy St Gelais
John and Cynthia Stewart
Harold and Bep Stier
Sonia Stringer
Michelle Sullivan
Jodie Taylor
Audrey Tewnion
Lynde Tiner
Sharon Treanor
Nikita Tsukaguchi
Sandra Tyliszczak
Jan Underwood
Jeremy and Laura Wells
Debra Whitson
Natasha Wiebe
Tracy Willard
Ana Williams
Amy Williams
Amy R Williams
Metta Zett


Ace Parking
Algodon Wines & Luxury
Development Group B&Q
Babies “R” Us
The Consulate General of Mexico
David and Sons
Christine Elliott
The Decker Family
First 5 California
Annette Gregg
Gen7 Wines/Bacino Family
Terry and Fabienne Hanks J
Jean Harris
Sandra Hadley
Home Depot HP
Kirk Humanitarian
Renu Joshi
Julie Tafel
Klaus Kiosko
MAP International
Mara Hoffman
Mary Massoud Behnam
Masterpiece Limousine
Moss Adams
John Matty Neyenesch
O’Neill/La Jolla Group PIA Agency
Project C.U.R.E.
Rancho la Puerta Redfearn & Associates
Russell John Films
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Southwest Airlines
SOS Printing
Steven W. Adams Photography
Masood and Surinder Tayebi
Thibiant Beverly Hills
Max Traina
Michael Webb
World Emergency Relief
Whole Foods


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Kansas State University
President’s Emergency Relief Plan for AIDS Relief
Save the Children
United States Agency for International Development
– Office of Food for Peace
– Office of Innovation and Development Alliances
– Office of United States Foreign Disaster Assistance
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Defense
United States Department of Health and Human Services
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– Health Resources and Services Administration
United States Department of State
World Vision


Digital Green Trust
Google Foundation
Kansas State University
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc.
Land O’ Lakes, Inc.
Medtronic Foundation
Rick and Bonnie Rule
Eric Sanders
San Diego County Department of Health and Human Services
T-MARC Tanzania
The Estate of Carlyn Halde
The Moxie Foundation


Consulate General of Mexico
George and Cindy Driver
Sandra Driver Gordon
Robert and Karen Hoehn
Hapke Family Foundation
Papa Doug and Geniya Manchester
Mexican Ministry of Health
Neil and Margaret Otto
Qualcomm Wireless Reach
S.L. Gimbel Foundation Fund
TOMI Environmental Solutions
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation
World Food Programme


Alternative Gifts International
Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
Cubic Corporation
Peter Huffman
Las Patronas
Larry and Jan Pritts
The Palmer Foundation
Christopher and Rebecca Twomey
UC Berkeley Health Initiative of the Americas
Lawrence and Mary Lynn Weitzen
Richard Arnold and Marshall Whiting
Walter C. and Stefanie Zable


Joe and Lori Abbate
Andrew Achterkirchen
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
AmWINS Group, Inc.
Vikrant and Jennifer Batra
William and Rochelle Bold
Jeffrey and Linda Church
John and Kathy Collins
Cooley LLP
County of San Diego
Ruth Covell
Rod and Diane Dammeyer
DJO Global
Edison International
Ray and Tricia Faltinsky
Farrell Family Foundation
Kieran and Mell Gallahue
George and Mary Beth Guimaraes
Jo Hannah Hoehn
Elizabeth Manchester
William McQuinn
Linda and Terry Moore
Royce and Joyce Pepin
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Pfizer Inc.
Robert and Nancy Plaxico
John and Kimberly Potter
QUALCOMM Incorporated
Qualcomm Charitable Foundation
Susan Randerson
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, and Hampton
Bhasker Shetty and Lisa Willard
Michael and Karen Stone
Robert and Julie Sullivan
Haeyoung Tang
The Bishop’s School
The Patricia and Christopher Weil
Family Foundation
University of California, San Diego
Jacquie Woods


Bank of America Foundation
Fernando Beltran
Rendon Behnam
Malek and Noushin Berjis Malek
Brandon and Dana Black
Tom and Unyoung Bliss
Chip and Alice Brewer
Bridgewest Business Group Company
John Dittmar
Robert Doede
Carl Eibl and Amy Corton
Ted and Molly Eldredge
Scott Peters and Lynn Gorguze
Grupo Calimax
William and Kay Gurtin
Gurtin Fixed Income, LLC
Beth Ann Heinecke
International Desalination Association
Warren and Brenda Johnson
Katherine Green-Weber
Lawrance Furniture
Jay Lazier-Merritt and Carol Lazier
Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson Leibowitz
Michael Lofino and Roslyn Zankich
Barbara Malk
Philip Matthews
Marina McKenzie
Ali and Haida Mojdehi
Moss Adams, LLP
David Pauker
Price Family Charitable Fund
Procopio Cory Hargreaves & Savitch LLP
Prudential Insurance UK
Gerry and Jeannie Ranglas
Rodeki Foundation
Susie Saxton
Pauline Scholl
Strauss Family Foundation
Masood and Surinder Tayebi
Haleh Tayebi
The Country Friends
The Daphne Seybolt Culpeper
Memorial Foundation
The San Diego Foundation
UPS Foundation
VSO International
Wells Fargo Bank
Karin Winner


AFCO Insurance Premium Finance
John Alexander and John Lipsey Avanade, Inc.
Berkes Crane Robinson & Seal LLP
Blue Pointe Capital Management, LLC
CareFusion Corp
Ben and Janet Castaneda
Centennial Escrow, Inc.
George and Jill Champion
Lewis and Elizabeth Cheney
Chili’s Restaurant
Conrad and Christa Burke Fund at the San Diego Foundation
Michael Schichman and Karen Crawford
Dann and Phoebe DeMund
Katherine DiFrancesca
Michael and Rebecca Driver
John Dunn and Deanna Baker
Robert and Peg Eddy
Dale and Melinda Egeberg
Kurt and Bettina Halvorsen
Brian Hassler
Mark and Uli Heine
Richard and Janet Henne
Higgs, Fletcher and Mack
Highland-Mills Foundation
George Howard and Kimberly Stewart
Hudson Insurance Group
Clifford Huffman
Hunter Industries
Jones Lang LaSalle
Julie Klaus
Julie and Kevin Krumdieck
Heidi Kuhn
Christopher and Beth Lee
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Jennifer Appel Lutz
Charlie McKenzie
Brent Woods and Laurie Mitchell
Michael and Patricia Mogul
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Kim Peckham
Cliff and Cheryl Pia
Elizabeth Roemer
Roemer Industries
Dan and Laura Roos
Brenda Schuler
Gad and Suzan Shannon
Kenneth and Pamela Sharpe
Jeff and Karin Sherman
Jayaram and Aparna Srirangam
Barbara Steer
Sonia Stringer
Harry Stylli
Deborah Szekely
Jodie Taylor
The Jerry and Jill Hall Charitable Fund
Amy Tranckino
Mary Uihlein
Gavin and Susan Zau
Zenith Insurance Company


Perry Abbott
Adirondack Community Trust
Margie Aliprandi
Philip and Veronica Anderson
Ommid Assbaghi
Kaveh and Soraya Bagheri
John and Raaella Belanich
Berkshire Hathaway Homestate Companies
John Boaz and Heidi Hahn
Bright Funds
Casey Brown
Nancy Burney
Burns & Wilcox Insurance Services Inc.
Carol Burrow
Linda Buznitsky
Heather Caillet
Dawn Calvetti
Daniel and Amy Cannon
William Carley and Catherine Mackey
Carrington Real Estate Services, Inc.
Constance Carroll
James Castle
Laura Chapman
CNA Insurance
Mary Ann Combs
James Connor and Elizabeth Barrett-Connor
Thomas Cook
Robert Corwin
Laila Coucouroux
Susan Crawford
Julie Crockford
Richard and Nancy Crosby
Lisa D’Angelo
Susan Davis
Kathleen Delaney
Mitch and Julie Dubick
Camille Dull
William and Mary Eldredge
Larry and Judith Ettinger
Robin Farrell
Donna Fisher
Susanna Flaster
Jorgina Franzheim
Ophelia Fung
Sheila Gallahue
Michael Gallegos
Robert and Melissa Gans
George Gates and Barbara Bashein
Gordon and Marla Gerson
Jeffrey Gold
Beth Grinnell
Lei Guang and Dongmei Wang
Philip and Susan Gulstad
Ajay Gupta
Nia Hajenga
David and Judith Halter

Hanover Insurance
Shirley and Don Hansen
Jason and Kristen Hawerton
Health Net of California
Joseph and Juliana Hegener
Ira Hersh
Paula Hilby
Susanah Hoehn
Daniel and Sharon Huffman
Marjorie Huntington
Hyundai Motor Group
ICW Group
Colleen Ince
Shazia Jamil
Robert Kalayjian
Marc and Paula Kalb
Srinivasu and Shanti Kalluri
Tim Kassen
Justena Kavanagh
Jae Kremer
Barbara Kyrillos
LanStar Systems, Inc.
Robert Lowell
Sandra Lund
Ted and Lidia Martinez
Imelda Martinez-Mendoza
Maria Mazzola-Decker
Ellen McEvily
Paula McInerney
Maureen and Ethan Meadows
Payam and Layla Mehranpour
John Mendelsohn
Ming Mertz
David and Virginia Meyer
Jody Mincks
Joseph and Cathy Morse
Jill Mueller
Mark and Ann Marie Navarra
Neal and Marlene Goldman Foundation
Lisa Nelson
Daniel Neukomm
Ray Nosxel
Nikolos Oakley
Juli Oh
Catherine O’Keefe
John and Gabriele Otterson
Dennis Papilion
Manish Parikh
Mukesh and Sushma Patel
Frank and Madeleine Pavel
Cliff and Cheryl Pia
Lorne and Cindy Polger
Cynthia Poole
Beverly Porter
Progenity, Inc.
Pierre-Richard Prosper
Proven, Inc.
R & M Construction, Inc.
Maria Lourdes Reyes
Nicki Rhodes
Ashley Roberts
Anida Rose
Jodyne Roseman
Rosenbaum Development Corporation
Carl and Peg Ross
Joel and Linda Ross
Judy Rowles
RT Specialty
Edward and Sue Sanderson
Jim and Theresa Sanford
Hal Schneider and Irene Devine
Miles and Denise Scully
Matthew Sha
Majid and Negar Shahbaz
Sean Shannon
Caryn Siebert
Abby Silverman Weiss
Robert Simpson and Katherine Orrell
Kenneth and Susan Slaght
Patricia Sowers
Karin Sporn
Nancy Stanley
Jennifer Stapp
State Compensation Insurance Fund
Susan and Wayne Stocks
Matthew and Vanessa Stoyka
Alex Sun and Jill Skrezyna
Rich and Sharon Sylvester
T & M World Bead
Michelle and David Talcott
Arya Tayebi
Taylormade Golf Co.
The Lotus Children’s Fund
Kelly Thomson
Maximillian Traina
Travelers Insurance
Michael and Bella Tumini
Michael and Kathleen Turner
Unique Engineers Pvt Ltd.
Steve Vallone
Jake van den Akker and Amy Hansen
Gaddi Vasquez
Village by Village
Frank Vizcarra
John and Kit-Victoria Wells
James and Amy Wood
Marina Worre
Madeleine and Peter Wu
Alexis Yeh
Irwin and Florence Zahn
Metta Zetty


Gary and Kathy Acosta
Katherine Adams
Shirin Adibi
Aetna US Healthcare
Joy Arthur
Thomas Bache and Ann Kerr Bache
Carolyn and Paul Barber
Brian Bean
Ali and Maryam Behnam
Bixby Zane Insurance
Irving Bookspan
Michael Bowling
Bread & Cie, Inc.
Christy Bunch
Ben Bunn
Burundi Friends International
C. and A. Foster Family Foundation at the San Diego Foundation
Callaway Golf Company Foundation
Cameron Holdings Corporation
Michael Cannon
Robin Carney
CIC Research Inc.
Compete Consulting Group
Connected Women of Influence, Inc.
Aaron Conrad
Marilyn Cornell
David and Jackie Cowgill
Ryan and Susan Daly
Kerry Dance
Paulo Dasilva
Scott and Sara Davison
Alex De Winton
Sarah Katherine Dowling
Brenda Doyle
Matthew and Luciana Driver
James and Barbara Drumheller
Bryant Eaton
Efficiency Escrow, Inc.
Eleanor Ellsworth
Diego and Yvonne Espinosa
Richard and Mary Evert
Max Webb and Sheila Ferguson
Donald Fergusson
Sandy Fox
Ann K. Gaarder
Elizabeth Galati
Barry Garson
Maureen Gibbons
Robert Gobbo
Frank and Andrea Goicoechea
Glenn and Laura Goodstein
Tracy and Rosanne Goodwin
Jon Gordon and Ali Smith
Peter Gove
Debi Granite
Donald Green
Grossmont Cuyamaca Community
College District
James Van de Water and Sandra Hadley
Howard and Julie Haimsohn
Iraj Ghaemi and Leila Hajalilou
Robert Hamparyan
Fabienne and Terry Hanks
Michaeli Hansen
Bill Harwood
Katherine Hayes
Yvonne Ho
Matt and Jennifer Holder
Hosey & Bahrambeygui, Attorneys at Law, LLP
Leland Housman & Mrs. Carolyn Housman
John Hummel
Innovative Dining
Eric Isaacson and Susan Weaver
Chris Janeway
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Rebecca Johansson
Ralph Jones
William Jordan
Renu Joshi
Christopher and Jennifer Kaufman
Patty Keegan
Kurt Kerzic
Tim and Elise Kjos
Sally Kraus
Durga Krishnamoorti
Paul and Carol Kurtz
La Jolla Country Day School
John and Analy Lemmo
Dennis Levesque
Michael Liner
Stephanie Locricchio
Mark Lombardo
Kevin and Lisa Mabbutt
Fiona Mackin-Jha
Elizabeth MacLeod
Steve Maloney
Nasrin Mani and Darush Mohyi
Virginia Maniatis
William Maniatis
Christopher and Malinda Marsh
Frank and Jean Matthews
Maxim Security Systems
Helmut Mayer
Patty Mayer
Mike McBrayer
Randy McCann
Gloria McColl Powell
Karen Mercaldo
Anne Mette Hertz
Anne Moore
Morgan Stanley
William Morris
Piret Munger
Mutual of Omaha
Esther Nahama
Robert Nelson
Network for Good
Jeanne Neylor
Iris and Jeff Northern
Tim Ogborn
George and Cynthia Olmstead
Gail Ostergaard
Eric and Benedicte Otterson
Mark Owens
Shital Parikh
Partners for a Better World
Pathfinder Partners
Laura Perches-Roberts
Stephen Pierce
Spencer Pollack
Elizabeth Rabbit
Rudolph Rehm
Phillip and Shawn Ruggeiro
Abasseh Samimi
Paul Sanchez
Kirsten Schmidt
Edward Scholl
Felice Schulaner
Jean Schulz
Loren Schwartz
Thomas Schwartz and Isabel Ortega-Schwartz
Tamara Shoemaker
Thomas and Peggy Shuen
Cynthia Slaughter
Terri Slivka
Smart & Final Charitable Foundation
Judy Smith
Jason Sobieski
Pamela Solomon
Edward and Carole Sowers
Greg and Julie Stevens
Harold and Bep Stier
David Stinson and SueAnne Yee
Jim and Almanita Stjerne
Danna Stonecipher
John and Christine Strong
Fereshteh Tavakoli
The Gillispie School
Eric and Lesa Thode
Anne Trouw
Al and Ruth Tumini
Duke Turpin
William Twomey
Jorge Valdivia and Blanca Lomeli
Robert Visotcky
Tamara Wallace
Mary Walshok
Randall Ward
Lee and Shari Weinstein
Westlake Women’s Club
Clark and Claudia Whitcomb
Clare White McDonald
Debra Whitson
Faye Wilson
Raphael Winick
Marianne Witmeyer
Claire Wright
Patricia Wu
Xerox Corporation
Bianca Zable
Billy Zhang
Sarah Zolecki