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Gracias a nuestros Donantes

LOS LOGROS DE PCI no hubiesen sido posibles sin el apoyo de personas fundaciones, corporaciones, gobiernos y socios que creen e invierten en nuestros programas.Si por error omitimos su nombre de nuestra lista de donantes, o si desea aparecer de manera distinta en futuras listas de reconocimiento, puede contactar a Corey DiTommasso a la siguiente dirección:


Richard Arnold and Marshall Whiting Louann Baudrand
Roger Brault
Ben and Janet Castaneda
Larry and Judith Ettinger
Mary Sue Greene
Norman Hapke and Valerie Jacobs Frank Hooper*
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson Katherine Konzen
John and Claire MacLennan
Donald Massey
Philip Matthews
William McQuinn*
Michelle Morgan
Morris and Ruth Morgan*
Royce and Joyce Pepin
Robert and Nancy Plaxico
Bertha Sanchez*
Jim and Wrenn Turpin
Lawrence and Mary Lynn Weitzen Bert Young



Ashley Aliprandi
Philip and Veronica Anderson
Elizabeth Applebaum
Joy Arthur
Michele Beebe
Bette Biederman
Tom and Unyoung Bliss
Lisa Bowen
Jeffrey Briggs
Laura Bruce
Cherie Buletza
Nancy Burney
Karenann Byers
Ryan Caillet
Daniel and Amy Cannon
Jennifer Carter
Cristiana Catteneo
Amy Chasey
Sandra Chesnut
Alan and Anne Clopine
Laurie Coles
Rosemary Compagno
Jennifer Conway
Rebecca Counihan
Sandy Cowley
Julie Crockford
Patrick and Kelsey Dale
Bryndis Davidsdottir
Debra Dawson
Lori Day
Nina De Keczer
Melinda Desposito
Ashley Dittmar
Lauren Dockweiler
Ann Eastham
Sarina Elder
Laura Ellsworth
Ellen Faust
Stephanie Finnigan
Cathy Fluegel
Kristen Fuentes
Andres Galeano
Martina Gonzalez
Barbara Grinde
Beth Grinnell
Robin Guillard
Kay Hagerman
Katharine Hagerty
Chris Shine and Susan Happ
Brian Hassler
Lisa Hinickle
Marie Hudson
Daniel and Sharon Huffman
Donna Hynes
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Anna Jessup
Rebecca Johansson
Carolyn Jones
Justena Kavanagh
Jacqueline Kerrigan
Myungsun Kim
Sally Kraus
Silvia Lee
Wendy Lewis
Mark Lombardo
John and Barbara Lynskey
Erica Mackinnon
Tracy Menuez
Meridith Metzger
Geeta Minocha
Tova Mott
Emily Mueller
Jill Mueller
Carlota Munroe
Elaine Murphy
Lisa Nelson
Joanne Nistico
Ray Nosxel
Nikolos Oakley
Jon O’Donnell
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Catherine O’Keefe
Nina Perez
Di Picard-Brown
Cynthia Poole
Leal Portis
Anna Maya Powell
Joyce Ramo
Deborah Reeder
Dawn Regner
Rebecca Reynolds
Roberta Robbins
Loren Robin
Cindi Rogers
Jessica Ross
Peg Ross
Blake Ryan
Suzanne Schulz
Thomas Schwartz and Isabel Ortega-Schwartz
Tammy Sellars
Kenneth and Pamela Sharpe
Jeff and Karin Sherman
Summer Slaght
Liz Smith
John and Cynthia Stewart
Robyn Tanner
Matheus Tavares
Sharon Treanor
Nikita Tsukaguchi
Sandra Tyliszczak
Jan Underwood
Debra Whitson
Amy Williams
Amy R. Williams
Ana Williams
Dylan Williams
Rubecca Zabel
Metta Zetty


American Audio Video
Heta Anandpara
Bradford Portraiture/Rowley Portraiture
John and Nancy Jo Cappetta
CBS Television Studios
Centro 39
Chef Marco Sedda
Clearview Eye and Laser Medical Center
The Consulate General of Mexico
Elizabeth Cooper
Davey Tree Expert
Maria Decker
Sandra Driver Gordon
Molly Eldredge
Fairmont Grand Del Mar
First 5 California
Ann Gaarder
Gen7 Wines/Bacino Family
Grand Wailea
Nick Grant
Sandra Hadley
Terry and Fabienne Hanks
Hansen Surfboards, Inc.
Home Depot
Hyatt Regency La Jolla at Aventine
Kettner Exchange
Kirk Humanitarian
La Jolla Group/O’Neill
Mara Hoffman
Masterpiece Limousine
Moss Adams
Neyenesch Printers
Officine Buona Forchetta/Chef Mario Cassineri
Park and Rec
Sushma Patel
PIA Agency
Rancho La Puerta
Redfearn and Associates
Elizabeth Roemer
San Diego Paella
Shane Bowden Gallery
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
Southwest Airlines
Studio m/Michael Spengler
Julie Tafel Klaus
Masood and Surinder Tayebi
Thibiant Beverly Hills
Waterfall Jewelers,
Judy Ettinger
Michael Webb
Lawrence and Mary Lynn Weitzen
Yoga Six


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
President’s Emergency Relief Plan
for AIDS Relief
Save the Children
United States Agency for
International Development
– Office of Food for Peace
– Office of Global Health
– Office of Innovation and
Development Alliances
– Office of United States
Foreign Disaster Assistance
United States Department of Agriculture
United States Department of Defense
United States Department of Health and Human Services
– Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
– Health Resources and Services Administration
United States Department of State
World Vision

Barclays Bank of Botswana
International Rescue Committee Izumi Foundation
Kansas State University
Keurig Green Mountain, Inc. Medtronic Foundation
Rick and Bonnie Rule
Eric Sanders
San Diego County Department
of Health and Human Services SAR Group
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
World Food Programme


Sandra Driver Gordon
GAP Inc.
The Estate of Carlyn Halde Mexican Ministry of Health
S.L. Gimbel Foundation Fund
Elna Claire Valine Living Trust
Lawrence and Mary Lynn Weitzen
Walter J. and Betty C. Zable Foundation


Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
Columbia University
Robert and Karen Hoehn
The Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation
Kaiser Permanente
Moxie Foundation
Sita Devi Malhorta Charitable Trust


Joe and Lori Abbate
Michael and Anita Akhavan
Alliant Insurance Services, Inc.
Alternative Gifts International
AmWINS Group, Inc.
Richard Arnold and Marshall Whiting
James Castle
Cooley LLP
County of San Diego
Ruth Covell
Cubic Corporation
George and Cindy Driver
Michael and Rebecca Driver
Iris Eckstein
Farrell Family Foundation
Kieran and Mell Gallahue
Michele Gay
George and Mary Beth Guimaraes
Norman Hapke and Valerie Jacobs
Peter and Ghita Huffman
Julie Klaus
La Jolla Country Day School
Jay Merritt and Carol Lazier
Terry and Linda Moore
Otto Family Foundation
The Palmer Foundation
The Parker Foundation
Royce and Joyce Pepin
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program
Robert and Nancy Plaxico Larry and Jan Pritts QUALCOMM, Inc.
Sabin Children’s Foundation Sheppard, Mullin, Richter, and Hampton
The Michael and Karen Stone Family Foundation
Sonia Stringer
Robert and Julie Sullivan
Haeyoung Tang
Christopher and Rebecca Twomey UPS Foundation
The Patricia and Christopher Weil Family Foundation
William D. Lynch Foundation for Children
Walter and Stefanie Zable


AB Engineering, Inc.
AFCO Insurance
Premium Finance
Ashley Aliprandi
Margie Aliprandi
Apple, Inc.
Bank of America Foundation
Ibrahim Barhoumi
Fernando Beltran Rendon
Tom and Unyoung Bliss
Bright Funds
Nancy Burney
CNA Insurance
Robert Corwin
Cubic Transportation Systems Limited
Andres Deluna
Dann and Phoebe DeMund
David and Jane Geier
Debi Granite
Amanda Graves
Jerry and Jill Hall
Brian Hassler
Highland-Mills Foundation
Bill and Bonnie Johnston
Mel Katz
Erin Lee-Hawk
Dennis Levesque
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Walter Little
Barbara Malk
Elizabeth Manchester
Christopher and Malinda Marsh
Marx Foundation
Philip Matthews
Michael and Patricia Mogul
Ali and Haida Mojdehi
Moss Adams LLP
Nikolos Oakley
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Odyssey Reinsurance Company
Karen Paterson
Charlotte Perret
Pfizer, Inc.
Pia Communications, Inc.
Prudential Insurance UK
Loren Robin
Roemer Industries
Thomas and Peggy Shuen
Strauss Family Foundation
Suja Juice
Sandra Timmons
University of California, San Diego


AFCO Insurance Premium Finance
John Alexander and John Lipsey Avanade, Inc.
Berkes Crane Robinson & Seal LLP
Blue Pointe Capital Management, LLC
CareFusion Corp
Ben and Janet Castaneda
Centennial Escrow, Inc.
George and Jill Champion
Lewis and Elizabeth Cheney
Chili’s Restaurant
Conrad and Christa Burke Fund at the San Diego Foundation
Michael Schichman and Karen Crawford
Dann and Phoebe DeMund
Katherine DiFrancesca
Michael and Rebecca Driver
John Dunn and Deanna Baker
Robert and Peg Eddy
Dale and Melinda Egeberg
Kurt and Bettina Halvorsen
Brian Hassler
Mark and Uli Heine
Richard and Janet Henne
Higgs, Fletcher and Mack
Highland-Mills Foundation
George Howard and Kimberly Stewart
Hudson Insurance Group
Clifford Huffman
Hunter Industries
Jones Lang LaSalle
Julie Klaus
Julie and Kevin Krumdieck
Heidi Kuhn
Christopher and Beth Lee
Liberty Mutual Insurance
Jennifer Appel Lutz
Charlie McKenzie
Brent Woods and Laurie Mitchell
Michael and Patricia Mogul
Mark and Rossana O’Donnell
Kim Peckham
Cliff and Cheryl Pia
Elizabeth Roemer
Roemer Industries
Dan and Laura Roos
Brenda Schuler
Gad and Suzan Shannon
Kenneth and Pamela Sharpe
Jeff and Karin Sherman
Jayaram and Aparna Srirangam
Barbara Steer
Sonia Stringer
Harry Stylli
Deborah Szekely
Jodie Taylor
The Jerry and Jill Hall Charitable Fund
Amy Tranckino
Mary Uihlein
Gavin and Susan Zau
Zenith Insurance Company


Perry Abbott
Patricia Alvarez
Philip and Veronica Anderson
Jimmy and Jennifer Anklesaria
John Bailey
Stephen Baird
Band From TV
Mike and Mary Barendse Eric and Helen Bernd
Betty Beyster
Bob and Darcy Bingham
John Boaz and Heidi Hahn
Mike and Christina Boehme
Shawn Braun
Chip and Alice Brewer
Teddi Brock
Kimmy Brooke
David Brumwell
Burns & Wilcox Insurance
Services, Inc.
Ulga Cabrera
William and Heather Caillet
Daniel and Amy Cannon
Carrington Real Estate Services, Inc.
Ben and Janet Castaneda
Lewis and Elizabeth Cheney
Steven Cleeland
Mary Ann Combs
Julie Crockford
Dorothy Decker
Maria Decker
Edward and Martha Dennis
Cory Doucette
Richard Doyle
Matthew Driver
Mitch and Julie Dubick
E. & J. Gallo Winery
Bryant Eaton
Verena Eckstein
Ted and Molly Eldredge
Larry and Judith Ettinger
Evans Hotels
Norman Feinberg
Diane & Elliot Feuerstein Fund
Wanwright and Debbie Fishburn
Garry Gerard Galindo
Franco Ganino
Ryan and Summer Gardner
George Gates and Barbara Bashein
Shazad Ghanbari
Vivian Glyck
Group Delta Consultants, Inc.
Gurtin Fixed Income, LLC
Kurt and Bettina Halvorsen
Braydon and Allison Hamilton
Hanover Insurance
Health Net of California
Michael Heffernan
Beth Ann Heinecke
Jeremy Henley
Richard and Janet Henne
Dan and Vanessa Herbert
Hoffman Corporation
Chris Hogan
Patrick Hosey
George Howard and Kimberly Stewart
Clifford Huffman
Daniel and Sharon Huffman
Lee Hunter
ICW Group
Cherie Jones
Scott Justice
Robert Kalayjian
Justena Kavanagh
Amy Koman
Kyle Koontz
Nancy Lee
Harry Leibowitz and Kay Isaacson Leibowitz
Gary Levine
Jon Lindo and Anela Miyashiro-Lindo
Emily Little
Linda Loveless
Gordon MacLeod
Behnam Malek and Noushin Berjis Malek
Dana Mallon
Morgan Mallory and Brenda Dizon
Mara Hoffman
Gail Martin
Ted and Lidia Martinez
Richard McElreath
John and Anne Mendelsohn
Johnathan Michienzi
Stephen Morrison
Jill Mueller
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Lisa Nelson
Timothy and Stephanie Noon
Ray Nosxel
Oakwood Escrow

Joe and Mallie Odle
Catherine O’Keefe
Morgan Oliver and Elizabeth Hamman Oliver
Kelly Otis
Spencer Pollack
Cynthia Poole
Price Family Charitable Fund
R & M Construction, Inc.
Rancho Santa Fe Rotary Foundation
Ky and Nicole Reding
Belle Reed
Rudolph and Carla Rehm
Maria Lourdes Reyes
Dan and Laura Roos
Anida Rose
Peg Ross
RT Specialty
Shawn Ruggeiro
Ted and Carol Rutter
Cameron and Roshan Saneii
Brian Savitch
Steve and Brenda Schick
Brenda Schuler
Wes Seegmiller
Sean Shannon
Kenneth and Pamela Sharpe
Royce Sheetz
Jeff and Karin Sherman
Adria Sheth
Christopher Shine and Susan Happ
Dave Sigal
Cris Silkman
Kenneth and Susan Slaght
Patricia Sowers
Jayaram and Aparna Srirangam
State Compensation Insurance Fund Robert Stocks
Teresa Stott
Judi Strada
T & M World Bead
Gayle Tejada
Dan and Anke Tierney
Debbie Torbati
Travelers Insurance
Christine Trumbull
Union of Pan Asian Communities
University of San Diego
Gaddi Vasquez
Village by Village
Jeanne Waite
Richard Waite
Wes Wasson
WD-40 Company
Barbara Weakley
Ray Weiss and Abby Silverman Weiss
White and Bright, LLP
Melanie Wildman
Jane Woltman
Jacquie Woods
Kim Woyski
The Mesberg Yashar Fund
Yoga Six
Gavin and Susan Zau


Adirondack Community Trust
Dan Ahern
Bryan Anderson
Joy Arthur
Sherry Bahrambeygui-Hosey
Rick Billings and Susan Chanick
William and Rochelle Bold
David and Ginger Boss
Brown/Ettinger Family
Lonnie Burks
Leslie Cady
Keith Calabro
Cate Caldwell
John and Nicole Cardosa
Mike and Bea Carnahan Charitable Giving Fund
Centennial Escrow, Inc.
CIC Research, Inc.
Ben and Nikki Clay
Alan and Anne Clopine
Thomas Cook
Ryan and Susan Daly
Jim and Melinda Desposito
Ashley Dittmar
Jacob Driver
Robert and Peg Eddy
Frances Emerson
Rob and Dorothy Epsten
Nigel and Rhonda Farrar
Jeff Farrell
First Lutheran Church
Larry Fulton
Barry Garson
Jane Gertz
Iraj Ghaemi and Leila Hajalilou
Robert Gobbo
Glenn and Laura Goodstein
Evangeline Griepenstroh
Beth Grinnell
William Grinnell
Gulf Coast Community
Foundation, Inc.
Philip and Susan Gulstad
Terry and Fabienne Hanks
Jeannie Harris
James Imperiale
Colleen Ince
Christopher Janeway
Donald and Dorothy Jenkinson
Rebecca Johansson
William Jordan
Tim Kassen
Tim and Elise Kjos
Todd and Deena Kobernick
Sally Kraus
Lawrance Furniture
Craig and Alison Lee
Life Matters
Michael Liner
Mark Lombardo
Hector and Dana Lopez
Sandra Lund
Fiona Mackin-Jha
Julie Marner
Bassam and Cari Massaad
Frank and Jean Matthews
Maxim Security Systems
Patty Mayer
Scott and Betsy McClendon
Lawrence McMahon
Joanna McNeilly
Anne Mette Hertz
James and Estelle Milch
Jody Mincks
Christine Mitchell
Morgan Stanley
William Morris
Elaine Murphy
Dino and Mary Nicolai
Hope Nightingale
Tim Ogborn and Karen Brody
Idara Ogunsaju
John and Gabriele Otterson
Mitchell Owen
Natalie Parker
Mukesh and Sushma Patel
Graham and Amie Paul
Kim Pavel
Nina Perez
Stephen Pierce
Robert Ponting and Elisa Arias Anna Maya Powell
Presence Marketing
Elizabeth Rabbit
Susan Randerson
Ralph Riccardi
Jamie Rolfe
Mike and Penny Ryan
Mike Saint John
Nancy Schade
Mark and Maria Schlossberg Heidi Schubert
Thomas Schwartz and
Isabel Ortega-Schwartz
Vinay and Sanjana Shah
Michael Shiue
Edward and Carole Sowers Nancy Stanley
Barbara Steer
John and Christine Strong
Rich and Sharon Sylvester
Sharon Treanor
Michael and Kathleen Turner
Duke Turpin
Paul Van Elderen
Terrence Villar
Secia Visotcky
Patrick Walsh
Scott and Jane Wensley
Westlake Women’s Club
Thomas White
Faye Wilson
Karin Winner
Metta Zetty
Sarah Zolecki