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Women Entrepreneurs Partner with PCI to Empower Women Around the World

Women United for Change launches to empower women in developing nations to build businesses of their own. A new movement led by successful female business owners, called Women United for Change, launches today, leading off with an innovative partnership with PCI (Project Concern International) to transform the lives of thousands of women in developing countries [...]

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Clean Water Is Life

When the well is dry, we know the worth of water. — Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard’s Almanac, 1746 PCI understands that increasing access to cost-effective and sustainable water and sanitation services is essential to helping children and communities prevent disease. The impact of clean water service and sanitation is profound; not only does it bring [...]

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Banking on a Better Life for Her Family through Women Empowered

Enelesi and her family have been subsistence farmers in the African nation of Malawi for generations, living harvest to harvest to survive and selling whatever crops they had left over to pay for their children’s education. The notion of creating a better life was simply beyond the family’s reach, but that changed in 2014 when [...]

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“Insider’s” Update at the PCI Community Breakfast

[gn_youtube url="" width="800"][gn_youtube url="" width="340" height="200"][/gn_youtube] In February, PCI hosted The Community Breakfast at which PCI's President & CEO, George Guimaraes, gave an annual progress update on PCI’s global work to our close friends and influencers. Those invited were members of The Community, PCI’s Annual Giving Society, and they were treated to an insider’s scoop [...]

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Cervical Cancer: Lessons of Evelyn’s Legacy

[gn_youtube url="" width="800"][gn_youtube url="" width="340" height="200"][/gn_youtube] At the Africa Leaders Summit in Washington, DC, in August of 2014, First Lady Michelle Obama and former First Lady Laura Bush hosted a very special gathering of African First Spouses and leaders from the NGO and business communities to talk about advances in health for African women. In [...]

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