Become a Catalyst for Change.

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You have the power to make change possible. Your power lies in your conviction, your passion and your determination to create lasting change and make the world a safer, healthier, better place for all. What can you do? You can use your voice – at school, at work, through social media, with your friends, with your family.

Ideas to help end poverty - one step at a time.

Ideas to help end poverty - one step at a time.

Share facts about poverty to help build awareness.

Facts To Share:

  • At least 80% of humanity lives on less than $10 a day.
  • The poorest 40% of the world’s population accounts for 5% of global income. The richest 20% accounts for three-quarters of world income.
  • Nearly a billion people entered the 21st century unable to read a book or sign their names.
  • 1.6 billion people — a quarter of humanity — live without electricity.
  • 20% of the world’s population, or 1.1 billion people, lack access to safe drinking water.
  • Approximately 4,500 children die each day – that’s one every 20 seconds – due to contaminated water.
  • Women and girls in rural Sub-Saharan Africa and other under-developed regions must walk up to 6 miles every day simply to retrieve water, which is often dirty.
  • Of the 1.3 billion people worldwide in extreme poverty, 70% of them are women or girls.
  • Women work two-thirds of the world’s working hours, but earn only 10 percent of the world’s income. They own less than 1 percent of the world’s property.