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Steering Toward Success in Botswana

As a long-time driver for Project Concern International (PCI), Sylvia Tshoswane has learned how to navigate much more than just the backroads of Botswana. She’s steered herself and her family toward a better life. When she’s not out in the field transporting staff, she’s behind-the-scenes at PCI trainings, workshops and other events—actively listening from the [...]

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Fleeing Danger and Finding Hope

As an interpreter, Arabiya Aldhaher uses words to bridge divides. But when it comes to telling her own story, sometimes even language can’t fill certain gaps. “No word can express the feeling of leaving your country by force just to find a safe space,” said Aldhaher, who moved to the United States as a refugee [...]

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Driven to Serve in Appalachia

Long before Wrenn Turpin married our founder, Dr. Jim Turpin, she was a rebel with a cause in the Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee. Learn more about an important piece of Project Concern International’s early history in this #WaybackWednesday Q&A. Q: How did you first learn about what was originally known as “Project Concern”? In 1973, [...]

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Celebrating Fathers Across the Globe

Padre. Bambo. Baba. Pitaji. Dad. No father is the same, but by any name he has the potential to help transform the health and well-being of his community and family. In the spirit of honoring those who have embraced this role and challenge, we asked Project Concern International (PCI) staff to help us highlight a [...]

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A School for Our Children: A Community Unites

A blue-and-white wooden schoolhouse sits in the center of Taleno—a fitting spot for a building that has become the heartbeat of this small, rural town on Nicaragua’s Caribbean Coast. On weekdays, 42 students gather inside for classes, while their parents and other local residents use the space as a community center at night. Although it’s [...]

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