Ntebogang is a 20-year old girl and the last born of her two elder sisters. Ntebogang and her sisters were neglected by their mother from a young age when she separated from their father and re-married in a different village. The three children have been brought up by a foster parent who is a widow, unemployed and suffers from arthritis. The foster parent doubles as their father’s employer as their father herds her cattle and the foster parent in turn provides for the family.

Following the journey of life workshop for caregivers in Sebina, one caregiver, referred Ntebogang to the VoF/CRS Sebina office for assistance in February 2013. VoF/CRS staff assessed Ntebogang and learnt that she had completed secondary school education although she did not perform well to continue with higher education. CRS recruited Ntebogang as a volunteer while they were still looking for ways to assist her. CRS trained Ntebogang in basics of communication skills, HIV and OVC issues to enable her interact with families. This motivated Ntebogang and strengthened her confidence.

The VoF/CRS staff in Sebina contacted the Zwenshabe Brigade for possibility of enrolling Ntebogang and they invited her for the interview. She was so scared and unsure but staff at VoF/CRS Sebina encouraged her to try. Ntebogang passed the interview and was offered a course in carpentry and also provided with boarding, sharing a room with two other girls.

The VoF/OVC office liaised with S&CD, who agreed to pay for her tuition fees and bought her a school uniform. The site coordinator accompanied Ntebogang to Masunga to buy the uniforms and she started school in March 2013. Ntebogang is so excited and expressed her joy by saying:

Ke-n a le uniform jaanong, waits e ke lets e ke a kantse yone fela,

Lo tle lo bone class yame.” (“I have a uniform now; I spent the whole night thinking about it! Wait until you see me in my class!)

The VoF/CRS Sebina Coordinator has assured Ntebogang of support and checks on her frequently. The VoF/CRS are also in the process of assisting Ntebogang’s foster parent with referral to the clinic for her knee problem.

The caregiver who referred Ntebogang has become a resource to VoF/CRS office following the JOL session and has identified three other cases in the community that require urgent attention.