The women of Liberia were a powerful voice for peace, and the catalyst for the social and economic rebuilding of their war-torn country.  They took back their country for their children, and are striving to create a legacy where the next generation can live strong, healthy, empowered lives.  PCI is proud to partner with them on their journey.

PCI staff, preparing to implement the new Liberian Agricultural Upgrading, Nutrition and Child Health (LAUNCH) program in Liberia, recently encountered young orphaned children in need of assistance. These children – all under two years old – had lost their mothers during birth. Nyanpu, a 14-month-old girl, for example, is living with her 57-year-old grandmother, Lorpu, who independently grows rice on her small plot of land that was donated to her by the community elders. She works alone and cares for Nyanpu by herself. There are at least 11 more grandparents in the same County that are caring for their grandchildren. Their biggest problem is securing food and preparing a balanced diet for their young grandchildren.

It is common to find girls 14-15 years old in Liberia married or pregnant and not receiving medical assistance during delivery. Frequently these young mothers live far away from the medical clinics, thus making critical medical care impossible to obtain. The LAUNCH program is designed to support these grandmothers and other mothers to care for their children by providing food, health education and assistance to reach medical facilities. The program will also focus on improving the nutrition of pregnant and lactating mothers and their children.

The five-year LAUNCH program is supported by USAID and implemented in collaboration with ACDI/VOCA.