Celebrating Fathers Across the Globe

Padre. Bambo. Baba. Pitaji. Dad. No father is the same, but by any name he has the potential to help transform the health and well-being of his community and family. In the spirit of honoring those who have embraced this role and challenge, we asked Project Concern International (PCI) staff to help us highlight a [...]

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USAID Helps Improve Safety In Guatemalan Neighborhoods

Barrio Mio beneficiary Rosalba Ayala is grateful for her newly reinforced home and appreciates having a clean, upgraded neighborhood, where children can play safely, free of mud and wastewater that used to collect in the streets. With USAID support, Project Concern International (PCI) initiated a project that is reducing disaster risk in hazard-prone [...]

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World Food Day: Joining Together to End Hunger

World Food Day, on October 16, is a day of action where global communities join together to commit to ending hunger. In many areas of the world, hunger is a daily reality. Hunger and malnutrition trap people in a cycle of extreme poverty. There are 795 million undernourished people in the world today but hunger [...]

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