Meet India’s Gatekeepers

A gate stands in a small village in Uttar Pradesh, India, as a symbol of the country’s hard-fought but successful defense against a crippling disease. Construction was completed in 2014, when the World Health Organization declared India “polio-free.” Project Concern International (PCI) played an important role in this success through the CORE Group Polio Project [...]

Helping Mothers, Babies and Families in India Have a Healthy Start Together

By Liliana Cervantes A woman’s health during pregnancy is of vital importance to both her baby’s development and her own ability to stay healthy. However, mothers in some parts of the world struggle to keep themselves and their babies healthy during this critical time. In the state of Bihar, India, where the River Ganges flows, [...]

Giving kids in India the tools for a brighter future

July 15, 2015 marks the inauguration of the first ever World Youth Skills Day. This day was first proposed by Sri Lanka to highlight the challenges youth in developing countries face with the social, cultural and humanitarian issues that contribute to their high unemployment rates. The youth unemployment rate currently sits at 74.5 million worldwide, [...]

A New Symbol of Polio Eradication in India

Every traveler must cross under the gate to get to the state highway that connects the small village of Sambhalheda to the rest of India. Like the ancient castle gates that defended against enemies of the past, this gate keeps out the enemies of India’s health. This gate, or what locals call the “Polio Eradication [...]