Impacting the World by Eradicating Polio

There is no cure for polio syndrome.  “Approximately 95% of persons infected with polio will have no symptoms. About 4-8% of infected persons have minor symptoms, such as fever, fatigue, nausea, headache, flu-like symptoms, stiffness in the neck and back, and pain in the limbs, which often resolve completely. Fewer than 1% of polio cases [...]

Stopping Polio in its Tracks

“Polio is on the verge of becoming the second disease after smallpox to have been successfully eradicated from the globe. We’re working to ensure that this becomes a reality.” ~ Bill Gates There is no cure for the polio virus. “Approximately 95% of persons infected with polio will have no symptoms. About 4-8% of infected [...]

PCI Partnerships in Action

Google volunteers partner with PCI India staff to map program intervention impact Google has evolved quickly into the backbone of the internet, innovating our searching habits by providing the latest and most notable news with a few taps of a keyboard and staying at the forefront of cutting edge technology. “Just Google it” has become [...]

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Things We Like: Share My Dabba Initiative

Video from the Share My Dabba Facebook Page WATCH THIS VIDEO. Seriously, you need to watch it. UNICEF has estimated that approximately 25 million children in India under the age of 17 years are either orphaned or living on the streets. Hundreds of thousands of orphans and vulnerable children work and live on [...]

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PCI Fights Back Against Polio in India

In the global fight against infectious disease, victories of any size deserve to be celebrated. Any increase in vaccination percentages and decrease in recorded cases is one step closer to eradication. PCI has made strong headway in the fight against many of these diseases, but one particular PCI disease prevention program that has seen almost [...]

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