Banking on a Better Life for Her Family through Women Empowered

Enelesi and her family have been subsistence farmers in the African nation of Malawi for generations, living harvest to harvest to survive and selling whatever crops they had left over to pay for their children’s education. The notion of creating a better life was simply beyond the family’s reach, but that changed in 2014 when [...]

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James Lucius: A Self-Reliant Man

James stands in front of his newly designed field James Lucius, a farmer from Chiendausiku, Malawi is a testimony of the impact of Project Addressing Root Causes (ARC). Project ARC is a program designed to target the root causes of food insecurity in Malawi caused by drought or irregular rainfall. This project introduces drought tolerant crops and new technologies [...]

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Dreams in Motion: Speeding Up Small Business Growth in Malawi

Chrissy Jamali from Mbera Village, Malawi watched as her neighbors flocked to their Women Empowered (WE) groups. She watched as they celebrated their group share-out, an event at the end of the year in which each group’s money is split and then distributed among its members. She watched as the women danced and sang during [...]

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A PCI Volunteer’s Notes: Understanding NGOs

In January 2014, long-time friend of PCI, Karen Paterson, had the opportunity to visit our Malawi programs. Lending a hand where needed and documenting her trip along the way, she brought back an insider's look at the everyday life in one of the countries where we operate. I have been a fan of PCI for [...]

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