A PCI Volunteer’s Notes: Understanding NGOs

In January 2014, long-time friend of PCI, Karen Paterson, had the opportunity to visit our Malawi programs. Lending a hand where needed and documenting her trip along the way, she brought back an insider's look at the everyday life in one of the countries where we operate. I have been a fan of PCI for [...]

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The Women of Miumbwe Village, Malawi

by Karen Paterson, PCI Malawi Volunteer One sunny day I headed out from the Balaka field office with Jimmy, one of PCI’s two extraordinary drivers.  We’d arranged to meet Madaritso Zimahrana, PCI’s business facilitator for its Women Empowered (WE) Initiative social and economic empowerment groups, at one of the group’s meeting sites. Jimmy parked the [...]

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You Cannot Understand

In Malawi, life can be hard.  For 45 year-old Martha Maudzu, mother of seven from the drought-prone Southern district of Balaka, you cannot understand how hard.  Martha and women like her depend on rain-fed, small-scale agriculture to feed their families, typically growing maize (corn), cassava and sweet potatoes on less than 2 acres of land. [...]

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