April 2014 eNews

Immunizations to Satellite Technology: PCI's Mission in Action April 2014 Celebrating World Immunization Week: India Is Polio-Free! After completing three full years without reporting any case of polio, India celebrated a landmark achievement in public health in February 2014 – the victory over polio. For a country that, until 2009, reported more than half of [...]

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March 2014 eNews

WE ARE CHANGING THE FACE OF POVERTY WORLDWIDE March 2014 Women Empowered (WE) Initiative Chosen as Top 5 Nominee for Annual Classy Awards PCI’s WE Initiative is being recognized as one of the most outstanding and compelling philanthropic achievers around the world in the category of Women’s Rights. “We are thrilled to be nominated as a [...]

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February 2014 eNews

THE CASE FOR CLEAN WATER February 2014 The Case for Clean Water Did you know that Americans use at least 20 times the amount of fresh water per day than a person in the developing world? But unlike our water supply, theirs doesn’t flow clean and safe from a tap; it’s almost always collected by [...]

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January 2014 eNews

STORIES OF SUCCESS: INDIA IS POLIO-FREE January 2014 PCI Celebrates Historic Milestone As India Is Declared Polio-Free Earlier this month, we joined the rest of the world in celebrating the global partnerships and international resolve that rid the country of polio, a debilitating and deadly disease. As a lead partner of the CORE Group Polio [...]

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December 2013 eNews

SAVING BABY LLAMAS IN BOLIVIA: INNOVATION IN ACTION December 2013 Saving Baby Llamas in Bolivia:Innovation in Action PCI developed an innovative and award-winning program to protect the youngest llamas by applying lessons learned from human newborn care. Using this approach, baby llamas could survive and thrive - and produce product and income for impoverished Bolivian [...]

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