Food & Water Programs

  • FFE Project Mesa Guatemala

Inspiring Young Minds and Growing Knowledge with School Gardens

Accessing nutritious food isn’t readily available to everyone, and millions of children worldwide face food insecurity daily. A school meal is often the only guaranteed source of nutrition a student receives and this acts as a big incentive to keep them in the classroom. To develop their full potential, young students must have good nutrition [...]

  • Annual Report 2015

Our 2015 Annual Report: Innovation for Impact

Explore our 2015 Annual Report online. 2015 was the most successful year in PCI’s history as we helped transform the lives of more than 19 million people around the world and expanded our program reach. Over the past year, we were a leader in the Ebola response in Liberia; kicked off our largest program ever [...]

  • World Water Day 2016

Partnering with Local Communities to Provide Access to Clean Water

Imagine if you lived in a community with no water. Or if you do have access to water, imagine it’s unsafe to drink and you have to walk several miles every day to collect it. This is the reality for millions of men, women and children around the globe. The world water crisis is one [...]

  • WASH

Combating a Cholera Outbreak in Malawi

Unclean water and a lack of basic sanitation are a deadly combination in the fight against disease and ending extreme poverty. Right now, millions of people in the country of Malawi struggle to put food on the table, and a recent cholera outbreak has made the struggle even more difficult. Malawi is one of the [...]

  • Nyabehu Students Tanzania

Farm to School: Local Harvests Help Keep Students in the Classroom

Too many vulnerable children in the world fall asleep at night with an empty stomach. Today, we're celebrating International School Meals Day - a day that recognizes the important role that school meals play in promoting children’s development and fighting hunger. In Tanzania, Project Concern International (PCI) is partnering with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) [...]