A Woman Empowered: Rosalba’s Story

PCI President and CEO Carrie Hessler-Radelet recently returned from a trip to Guatemala—one of 18 countries where we are working to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship. She and a group of PCI donors were able to meet some of the people whose lives have been impacted by our programs. This is Rosalba’s story, [...]

Putting Human Trafficking Out of Business

Over the course of the two-hour meeting, the telephone rang no less than 30 times. No one picked up, but the message was clear: San Diego has a problem. The callers—many of whom were just starting their workday—were trying to solicit sex from a minor. For Marjorie Saylor, a survivor-turned-advocate, the sound was a sobering [...]

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Healing Unseen Wounds in Mexico

Roughly three months have passed since a pair of massive earthquakes wreaked havoc on homes, schools and other major buildings in Oaxaca, Mexico. While devastated communities continue to recover and rebuild, what is less obvious to the eye is the emotional and psychological impact these natural disasters had on residents. To help first responders cope [...]

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On the Road to Recovery

Floodwaters have long receded and much of the rubble has been cleared, but families living in Rockport, Texas, and Oaxaca, Mexico, still face a slow and difficult recovery after a summer of record-breaking natural disasters. With support from generous donors, the Humanitarian Assistance & Resilience Unit (HARU) at Project Concern International (PCI) mobilized response teams [...]