Disaster Response

Six Quick Lessons in Emergency Response

From a first-time responder By Blanca Lomeli Although I have had the opportunity to participate in an emergency response in the past, those emergencies have been medical (H1N1 and Ebola). Last October, I had the chance to take part in PCI’s emergency response to Hurricane Patricia in Jalisco, Mexico. Here’s a quick recap of some [...]

Hurricane Patricia: PCI Mobilizes Response Team

While Hurricane Patricia may not have packed as big a punch as some suspected in the resorts along the Mexican coast, it still left significant damage in some of the poorest and hardest to reach communities, which often get forgotten. Roofs were ripped off of many houses, and with the rains continuing, the need for [...]

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Guatemala Landslide: PCI Responds

Help Guatemala Families Now On October 1st, heavy rains caused a landslide in the community of El Cambray, just outside of Guatemala City. Over 250 residents have been killed, but that number is expected to rise as they clear the rubble of this already struggling community. PCI was just beginning work in El Cambray to [...]

Haiti Still Needs Our Help, Five Years After the Earthquake

Haiti was thrust into the international spotlight five years ago when a catastrophic earthquake demolished much of its capital city and the surrounding region. Rebuilding efforts are still ongoing and Beyonce has even joined in to help. She was there just days ago in an effort to bring renewed attention to the devastated country. But [...]

To Liberia, Ebola Free

When the WHO declared Liberia free of Ebola, our first thought as an organization was a sense of relief for the people of the country, who can now breathe just a little easier. We then thought of our Liberia Country Director, Jolene Mullins, and our entire Liberia team, who have been working since day one [...]