Empowering Women

Better Together: Promoting Gender Equality At Home

For years, the outside of Patuma Stone and Stone William’s home has been a telling reflection of their marriage—a disparate display of plaster, bricks and unfinished business. Now, after three children and nearly three decades together, they’re finally beginning to work as one and seeing progress. “I realized that involving my wife in decision-making could [...]

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Steering Toward Success in Botswana

As a long-time driver for Project Concern International (PCI), Sylvia Tshoswane has learned how to navigate much more than just the backroads of Botswana. She’s steered herself and her family toward a better life. When she’s not out in the field transporting staff, she’s behind-the-scenes at PCI trainings, workshops and other events—actively listening from the [...]

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We Invested in Lemmy, She Invested in Her Community

We are constantly amazed by the strong women we meet through our programs. Seeing their resourcefulness and resilience time and time again, we know investing in women is key to solving the world’s big problems. Today we want to take you to Tanzania and introduce you to Lemmy. Lemmy is a 51-year-old mother who you [...]

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