Human Trafficking

Fighting Human Trafficking Together

It’s easy to think about human trafficking as something that would only occur in far-off countries, but it’s also happening right here in our communities. Earlier this year, Project Concern International (PCI) worked with a law enforcement task force and other local nonprofits to help fight human trafficking in California. Operation Reclaim and Rebuild used [...]

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Girls Only! – Empowering Young Girls to be Strong

By Ashley Dittmar PCI empowers people around the world to lift themselves out of poverty and to live happier, healthier lives. As a PCI fundraiser based in San Diego, I’ve seen first-hand how our local programs have made a meaningful impact with the communities where we work and the impact philanthropy has made on the [...]

Reflecting on the Status of Women and Girls

Last week commemorated Human Rights Day, a day that recognizes the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by the United Nations General Assembly over 60 years ago. This milestone document advocates for the fundamental rights and freedoms that are essential for all human beings to live happy, healthy and prosperous lives. This year, [...]

A Beautiful City with an Ugly Problem: Our Fight Against Human Trafficking in San Diego

  By Marissa Cardwell San Diego is a large and diverse county. It’s known for its beauty, near-perfect weather, military bases, craft beer scene, and zoo, among other attractions. But within this great city, there’s also an ugly problem silently happening in plain sight. Human trafficking. According to the FBI, San Diego is among the [...]

3 major challenges in the fight against human trafficking

PCI is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking both at home and abroad.   Survivors of human trafficking participate at an ICT training class by the Visayan Forum Foundation in the Philippines. The country has some of the best anti-trafficking laws in the world, but there are still several challenges in the fight [...]

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