We Invested in Lemmy, She Invested in Her Community

We are constantly amazed by the strong women we meet through our programs. Seeing their resourcefulness and resilience time and time again, we know investing in women is key to solving the world’s big problems. Today we want to take you to Tanzania and introduce you to Lemmy. Lemmy is a 51-year-old mother who you [...]

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From Pregnant and Abused to a Community Health Advocate

Marce was pregnant and escaping an abusive relationship when she came to live with her siblings in San Diego. She had been abused throughout her pregnancy and courageously decided to leave her husband and start fresh. Marce visited a community clinic for prenatal visits and was referred to our California Border Healthy Start PLUS Program [...]

I’ve Seen What Investing in Women Does

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and I’m excited to begin my new role as President & CEO of Project Concern International (PCI). It’s the perfect time to start as over the next few weeks we’re talking about a subject very dear to me – investing in women.  Because we know that talent, intellect, [...]