Standing with Malala for Girls’ Education

Deep within many towns and villages of Pakistan, Taliban forces hold immense power over the locals’ lives. However, when the Taliban gained control of the Swat Valley region, one fifteen year old girl refused to be silenced. With incredible bravery, Malala Yousafzai began to advocate for universal education and girls’ rights through her BBC blog [...]

Engaging the Youth of India, the World’s Youngest Country

Fifty percent of the 1.27 billion people living in India are under the age of 25. Quite literally, the youth of India are the future. Even as India is coming off an enormous victory of eradicating polio, like many other young people in the world, young Indians have a declining faith in their country’s politics. [...]

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From Student to Teacher

Pankaj in front of the Nizamuddin drop-in center Just a little over a year ago, Pankaj visited PCI’s drop-in center in Nizamuddin, Delhi, for the first time. This drop-in center is conveniently located next to a railway station, making the center accessible to many homeless youth. At the center, participants have the chance to [...]

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PCI’s Legacy: A Story of One Girl’s Transformation

A southbound train pulls up to the platform at one of India’s busiest train stations. Travelers pour out of the train doors and shuffle onto the platform to continue to their next destination. Four feet below the moving sea of travelers, children lay sleeping on the platform. Other children scurry after this sea, working as [...]

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