A Reminder of World Tuberculosis Day, Yesterday

Yesterday was World Tuberculosis Day. If you missed it, you are not alone. Nearly one person in three is estimated to have latent TB infection. About 3 million people each year are not reached with TB services, and over half those not reached die. TB is second only to HIV/AIDS as the most lethal infectious [...]

Take-aways from the 2014 AIDS Conference

Panel at 2014 AIDS Conference. Photo by: UNAIDS By: Jordan Gunning Though the beginning of the conference was overshadowed by the MH17 tragedy, which killed all 298 persons aboard including 100 would-be conference attendees, the conference was able to carry on and leave the PCI employees in attendance with some key take-aways. First [...]

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Michelle Obama and Laura Bush Highlight PCI’s Efforts to Save Lives in Zambia through the Pink Ribbon/Red Ribbon Campaign

Cervical cancer is the number one cause of cancer-related deaths in women in developing countries, but it’s treatable if diagnosed early. PCI has been on the frontlines of the fight against cervical cancer in Zambia since 2011, and is now working in partnership with the Pink Red/Red Ribbon campaign to raise awareness, provide treatment, and [...]

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PCI Participation 20th International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2014) July 20-25, 2014 Melbourne, Australia

Project Concern International (PCI)  is proud to participate in the 20th International AIDS Conference to be held next week, July 20-25, in Melbourne, Australia.  Researchers, community workers, and policy makers from all around the world will gather to present and discuss new scientific knowledge and strategies in HIV/AIDS prevention. The conference will also feature speakers [...]

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