Fighting Armyworms in Malawi

A pest that is barely the size of a paperclip poses a major threat to farmers in Malawi. In 2013, droves of armyworms marched across the fields of this landlocked country in southern Africa, feasting on essential crops and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. According to the Government of Malawi’s Ministry of [...]

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Inspiring Young Minds and Growing Knowledge with School Gardens

Accessing nutritious food isn’t readily available to everyone, and millions of children worldwide face food insecurity daily. A school meal is often the only guaranteed source of nutrition a student receives and this acts as a big incentive to keep them in the classroom. To develop their full potential, young students must have good nutrition [...]

Farm to School: Local Harvests Help Keep Students in the Classroom

Too many vulnerable children in the world fall asleep at night with an empty stomach. Today, we're celebrating International School Meals Day - a day that recognizes the important role that school meals play in promoting children’s development and fighting hunger. In Tanzania, Project Concern International (PCI) is partnering with the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) [...]

Sowing Seeds of Success for Smallholder Farmers

With a wife and three children to support, William Pitikoti felt helpless. A dangerous combination of floods and dry spells had left his parcel of maize useless and him desperate, not knowing how long he would be able to sustain his family. “I got almost nothing from my one acre maize field as much of [...]

Brewing Success with Coffee Farmers in Nicaragua

By Amy Hansen Members of the El Polo and El Gorrión farming cooperatives in Nicaragua had a challenge. They were losing up to 40 percent of their crops due to the impact of “La Roya,” or Coffee Rust Disease, and losing the ability to support their families and communities. But El Polo and El Gorrión [...]