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Happy Thanksgiving from PCI!

We are grateful each day for the support of our community and for all of the life-transforming work we’ve been able to accomplish together. As our families prepare for Thanksgiving, PCI President & CEO Carrie Hessler-Radelet wanted to take a minute to share how much your support means to us. Wishing you and yours a [...]

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I’ve Seen What Investing in Women Does

Spring is a time for new beginnings, and I’m excited to begin my new role as President & CEO of Project Concern International (PCI). It’s the perfect time to start as over the next few weeks we’re talking about a subject very dear to me – investing in women.  Because we know that talent, intellect, [...]

From the Americas to Zambia, Our Values are the Same

While Project Concern International’s (PCI) work spreads across continents and cultures, its mission, vision, and values are unified across the globe. We have spent the last year collaborating in each of our country programs to discuss what our core values are as an organization. It was amazing to see the synergy that exists from Botswana [...]

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PCI Loves Peace Corps

It was 56 years ago today that President Kennedy established the Peace Corps and began a legacy of Americans serving abroad. Over the years, the Peace Corps has attracted more than 225,000 motivated changemakers to promote world peace and friendship in 141 countries across the globe. The international development community is full of Returned Peace [...]

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