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Pausing to be Thankful

Because of you, these girls (and the other 19 million PCI beneficiaries) have a lot to smile about! Your support this past year has made a big difference. We know this because we travel to the countries we work in frequently and see first-hand how your support impacts the people we serve. Because of you... [...]

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55 Years: Honoring PCI’s Enduring Impact

In 1961, a young doctor from San Diego volunteering at a Tijuana clinic saved the lives of two small children who were dying of pneumonia. This experience led Dr. James Turpin to found PCI and forever change the lives of millions of children and families around the world by providing health and hope to those [...]

At the Eye of the Storm: Women and Climate Change

This blog was originally published by the Wilson Center Environmental Change and Security Program as part of At the Eye of the Storm: Women and Climate Change panel discussion which took place on June 23 in Washington, D.C. Struggling to save their failing crops. Walking farther afield to fetch clean water. Protecting their families from devastating storms and violent conflicts. [...]