Midwives Offer Helping Hands to Ensure Early and Small Babies Survive and Thrive

By Judith Robb-McCord, Every Preemie Director; and Elimase Kamanga, Every Preemie Technical Advisor, PCI Today, as we celebrate International Day of the Midwife, thousands of families in Malawi recognize and applaud the important contributions midwives have made for improved maternal, newborn and child health. Over the past 15 years and as part of the UN [...]

Standing with Malala for Girls’ Education

Deep within many towns and villages of Pakistan, Taliban forces hold immense power over the locals’ lives. However, when the Taliban gained control of the Swat Valley region, one fifteen year old girl refused to be silenced. With incredible bravery, Malala Yousafzai began to advocate for universal education and girls’ rights through her BBC blog [...]

With a Little Help from my Friends – Improving TB prevention and control

In 1953, Richard Starkey contracted a disease that put him in a sanatorium for two years. During his second year there, he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Richard was lucky to have had access to health care services, to be in an environment where he not only received medical care, but other type of support. As [...]

Innovation + Education = Bright Futures; Celebrating International Day of the Girl Child

Great change takes great courage. Malala Yousafzai is a girl with great courage. Malala said, “If we want the education of girls, we should be united. We should not wait. We should do it now.” Malala advocated for education in her native Pakistan, where the Taliban had banned schooling for girls. Undeterred, Malala wrote a [...]