Women’s Empowerment & Poverty

Women, Conflict and Climate Solutions

By Kelly Fish Detrimental effects of climate change are increasing in visibility and frequency throughout the world, but do not affect all equally. Women disproportionately bear the burden of the impacts of climate change, which are often exacerbated in situations of political instability and conflict. I remember when the connection between climate change and conflict [...]

Girls Only! – Empowering Young Girls to be Strong

By Ashley Dittmar PCI empowers people around the world to lift themselves out of poverty and to live happier, healthier lives. As a PCI fundraiser based in San Diego, I’ve seen first-hand how our local programs have made a meaningful impact with the communities where we work and the impact philanthropy has made on the [...]

Helping Mothers, Babies and Families in India Have a Healthy Start Together

By Liliana Cervantes A woman’s health during pregnancy is of vital importance to both her baby’s development and her own ability to stay healthy. However, mothers in some parts of the world struggle to keep themselves and their babies healthy during this critical time. In the state of Bihar, India, where the River Ganges flows, [...]

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift

Nothing compares to the power of a mother’s strength. From women in Zambia who are empowered to be screened for HIV and cervical cancer; to mothers and their preemies in Guatemala; to women saving money, starting businesses and empowering each other and their children to achieve their dreams through our Women Empowered initiative, PCI is [...]

Fighting Zika Neighborhood to Neighborhood

By Blanca Lomeli Zika is causing worldwide concern because of its connection to dreadful birth defects. Now as infections continue to rise in Latin and Central America, the countries in the Americas are bracing for more than warm weather this spring and summer. In February, the World Health Organization declared Zika a "public health emergency [...]