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It All Starts with Water, and It’s About Time

“How far would you walk for water?”

That’s a common question leading up to PCI’s Walk for Water happening in San Diego on April 19th and the first thing Dylan will ask you if you ask him about the event. (The second being: are you going?)

Dylan is the president of his county’s Walk for Water committee, […]

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Every Day Should Be International Women’s Day

While we’ve come a long way since the first International Women’s Day in 1908, and have much to celebrate, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Empowering women isn’t something that should be thought of only once a year, and at PCI, we think about it every day. In fact, it’s essential to the […]

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Adelante Mujeres! Savings Groups Advocating for Improved Community Sanitation Practices

By Kaelyn DeVries, PCI Staff

“What can we do to educate people in our neighborhood?” I watch Julia del Cid, Representative of Mujeres Ahorradoras (Women Saving), a PCI-organized economic and social empowerment group, pose the question to the members of her group. Sitting in a circle around the center patio of a home in the community […]

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Dreams in Motion: Speeding Up Small Business Growth in Malawi

Chrissy Jamali from Mbera Village, Malawi watched as her neighbors flocked to their Women Empowered (WE) groups. She watched as they celebrated their group share-out, an event at the end of the year in which each group’s money is split and then distributed among its members. She watched as the women danced and sang during […]

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  • Survivors of human trafficking participate at an ICT training class by the Visayan Forum Foundation in the Philippines. The country has some of the best anti-trafficking laws in the world, but there are still several challenges in the fight against trafficking. Photo by: Noelle Huskins / CC BY-SA

3 major challenges in the fight against human trafficking

PCI is dedicated to the fight against human trafficking both at home and abroad.  

By Cecilia Flores-Oebanda

The fight against human trafficking is not a straightforward process.

In the Philippines, a source country for trafficked persons, there are big wins, such as the passage of strong laws against trafficking in persons and last year’s 33 convicted traffickers. However, […]

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