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Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

On March 18, 1961 John F. Kennedy signed Executive Order 10927 that would create the Combined Federal Campaign. In the 50 years that followed, thanks to the generosity of Federal Employees, the CFC has raised almost $7 billion for charitable organizations. During this time, the CFC has grown to be the most inclusive workplace giving campaign in the world. Today, it is estimated that more than 20,000 charities, worldwide, participate.

PCI’s CFC Code: 12203
EIN: 952248462
PCI is dedicated to preventing disease, providing humanitarian aid, and improving access to clean water, nutritious food, and economic opportunity in impoverished communities worldwide. 16.6%

Taxonomy Codes:
E: Health – General and Rehabilitative
S: Community Improvement, Capacity Building
K: Food, Agriculture, and Nutrition

PCI is a nonprofit health and humanitarian aid organization dedicated to preventing disease, improving community health, and promoting sustainable development worldwide.

PCI’s work is distinguished by the following:

  • We attack the root causes of poor health and poverty, whether cultural, environmental or socio-political.
  • We listen closely to, and work with, those who are most affected, respecting and leveraging their own assets, ambitions, capabilities, successes and leadership to co-create sustainable community solutions.
  • We implement, whenever possible, holistic, integrated programs that are person-centered and recognize the interrelated nature of the issues people and communities face.
  • We cultivate relationships and networks that provide a strong connective role among stakeholders at the community level, a bridging role between global, regional and national interests, and a leveraging role that multiplies the impact of every dollar spent.
  • We develop unique tools to measure the significant and long-term impact of our work on people’s lives.

PCI is convinced that these mutually reinforcing attributes are essential for solutions that are empowering and sustainable, and that result in better health, self-sufficiency, and true development for the millions of people we serve. They are what make PCI unique and uniquely effective.