On a Thursday afternoon in 1960, Dr. Jim Turpin left his pediatric practice on Coronado Island in California to volunteer across the border in Tijuana, Mexico at a clinic. He arrived to find a three-year-old girl and her one-year old brother dying of pneumonia. They were blue, gasping for breath, and unresponsive.

With no proper equipment, he took an old kerosene burner and made a crude steam tent, gave them antibiotics, sponged them with water and alcohol, and prayed for a miracle. By midnight they were through the crisis.

Driving back across the border that night, Dr. Turpin knew his life’s work needed to be about improving the health and lives of children and families around the world, and Project Concern International (PCI) was born.

On December 18th, Dr. Turpin turns 90 years old. His whole life has been about giving back, so consider making at gift to PCI in honor of Dr. Turpin today through our Action for Impact campaign, and join us in continuing his mission to enhance health, end hunger, and overcome hardship around the world.

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