By: Ashley Dittmar

“Education is greater than everything” has been a motto in my life for years. This is because education is a single intervention that has the transformational power to increase a child’s health, income and overall well-being. Yet, there are over 120 million children that aren’t being educated because of poverty barriers.

This isn’t only an ethical issue, but also a public health and economic issue. Girls who attend secondary school marry and have children later, drastically lowering maternal and infant mortality rates and their risk of contracting HIV/AIDS. Economically, every additional year of education can increase a person’s future income by an average of 10%. For girls who have a secondary education their future income can increase up to 25%.


This is why efforts to improve educational opportunities are embedded in many of PCI’s programs as part of our efforts to enhance health, end hunger and overcome hardship. We work worldwide in local communities to assist with some of the root causes to the barriers children face to fulfill their educational potential.


Every back to school season we provide our supporters the opportunity to participate in the #OpenTheDoor campaign to raise awareness for the millions of children worldwide who lack access to an education and open the door for their potential. PCI has impacted over 8 million people, with a goal to reach millions more by 2020 and children are a large part of our goal. Your support can ensure these programs thrive.

I fundamentally believe that education has the transformational power to change the world. So do some of the biggest leaders in the world who are making great strides in awareness. However, we need the support of people, like you, to help us to make the difference. Share your voice, #OpenTheDoor to a brighter future for children, give to their promise.

Together with your support, we can change the world; one educated child at a time.




Ashley Dittmar is an Annual Programs Development Officer for PCI.