The earning power of women reached over $18 trillion in 2014. That’s a bigger contribution to the global economy than China and India combined. What’s more is that women with financial resources invest those resources differently than men. Women are more likely to fund causes, lead social change initiatives, and invest in education and healthcare for their family. That’s not just here in America. It’s been proven time and again that one of the fastest ways to create lasting, positive change in developing countries is to educate and financially empower women.

And investing in women is exactly what the Women United for Change movement is all about. Women United for Change is led by women from across the network marketing/direct sales profession and was born from the desire of those professionals to help women around the world experience the benefits that come from building a successful business. These empowered women are lending their voices and financial support to change the lives of thousands of women around the world.

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“We are women whose lives have been transformed through entrepreneurship, so it’s only fitting that we help women in need transform their lives by building businesses of their own,” said Sonia Stringer, one of the founders of Women United for Change. “The women in network marketing/direct sales have a great deal of influence and a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others.” A pretty impressive statement.

Women United for Change found the perfect partner in PCI‘s Women Empowered (WE) initiative, and PCI couldn’t be more honored to partner with such a passionate, intelligent group of women entrepreneurs – it just rounds out both sides of our work. Through their support, WE will be able to provide women with skills and support to save money and start businesses that bring in much needed income for their families.

Women United for Change had already raised over $20,000 for WE, even before their official launch last month and have their sights set on at least five times that as the movement gains early momentum.

“We’re grateful for the support of Women United for Change as this partnership allows us to support more women in building their own businesses and creating the social capital to lead that change,” said PCI President and CEO George Guimaraes.

With over 13 million women involved in the network marketing/direct sales profession in the US (and another estimated 70 million worldwide), the movement is well positioned to grow its voice and impact in its first year and has taken on a leadership role to empower women around the globe.

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