We ensure vulnerable households and their communities achieve improved food, nutrition and livelihood security for sustained resilience.

The Purpose

Over the last 30 years, significant progress has been made towards reducing poverty and global hunger. However, one in every eight people living in developing countries still suffers from chronic undernourishment. Globally, poverty rates have seen improvements, but progress has been uneven with the number of people living in extreme poverty still unacceptably high. Conflicts and civil insecurity, as well as natural disasters from climate change, further exacerbate poverty, hunger, and global food security.

Food security is complex with many interwoven drivers. PCI identifies and addresses the primary, as well as the underlying, causes of food insecurity to ensure sustainable solutions. The four pillars of food security (access, availability, utilization, and stability) are addressed in all of PCI’s food security programs in order for interventions to be comprehensive, contextualized and integrated. PCI’s integrated approach focuses on preventing hunger and malnutrition through programming in the following areas: a) Climate smart and nutrition sensitive agriculture; b) Livelihood security and strengthening access to markets, especially for women and youth; c) Improving health, nutrition and hygiene practices; and d) Integrated Food for Education programs. These approaches are driven by strong community engagement and ownership and a commitment to working towards sustainability.

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