Just a little over a year ago, Pankaj visited PCI’s drop-in center in Nizamuddin, Delhi, for the first time. This drop-in center is conveniently located next to a railway station, making the center accessible to many homeless youth. At the center, participants have the chance to gain remedial life skills.

Pankaj frequently participated in English and computer skills classes at the center, and quickly excelled in his coursework. For Pankaj, this success was gratifying: “I was improving my abilities and improving myself—and that made me very excited.” At Nizamuddin, Pankaj found that he could supplement and build upon the education that he receives in school.

During a visit to Nizamuddin, a Senior PCI staff member had the chance to meet Pankaj. While this student had already impressed all of the trainers at the drop-in center, this PCI employee was particularly interested in Pankaj’s academic talents. The Senior staff member offered Pankaj a job as a peer educator at Nizamuddin, and Pankaj eagerly accepted the position.

Children at one of PCI's numerous drop-in centers in India

Children at one of PCI’s numerous drop-in centers in India

Now, Pankaj is not only improving his own abilities, he is helping to improve other students’ skills as well. Through peer education, Pankaj is able to earn money, teach, and continue his own learning. This experience has been fun, challenging and motivating for Pankaj, who says that his work at Nizamuddin is preparing him for the future.

As the oldest of five boys in his family, Pankaj will be the first to pursue a career. His hope is to become a chartered accountant in Delhi, a goal that is within reach for this driven boy. By remaining in school and continuing his involvement at the Nizamuddin drop-in center, there is no doubt that Pankaj is on the path towards achieving his dreams with a bright future ahead of him.