On the second anniversary of the catastrophic 2010 earthquake that killed over 230,000 people in the poorest country in the Americas, PCI remains committed to helping the Haitian people rebuild their country.

After the quake, PCI and partners were on the ground within 48 hours, distributing over $6 million in medical equipment, supplies, and pharmaceuticals. Our lifesaving interventions have helped vulnerable families recover from the devastating impacts of the quake and set communities on a trajectory towards long-term rehabilitation.

PCI is changing lives by…

  • Housing over 13,000 displaced individuals in emergency and transitional shelters
  • Ensuring access to safe drinking water for more than 12,000 individuals through water points managed and maintained by local communities
  • Providing free health care services to approximately 40,000 patients at mobile and fixed clinics in Port-au-Prince
  • Reducing cholera by promoting hand washing, water treatment, and appropriate water storage
  • Engaging 2,500 children and youth through recreation activities aimed and ensuring their mental and physical well-being

While it is important now to focus on longer-term development, we should remember that the humanitarian crisis in Haiti is not over. More than 500,000 people still live in camps, and a cholera epidemic continues to claim lives. The underlying structural challenges, including under-development and governance, need to be addressed as we move from crisis to recovery.

Please donate now to support the people of Haiti as they build towards a better tomorrow. Together we can help ensure that their communities are healthier, safer and more resilient.