Honoring Dr. Carlyn Halde

Honoring Dr. Carlyn Halde 2017-01-08T14:08:17+00:00

PCI has been blessed over the years with friendships going back to the very first days of our work… individuals whose passion, professional commitment and personal support have meant so much to the impact and the growth of our organization.

One of those very special people was Dr. Carlyn Halde. Dr. Halde was a professor of Microbiology at the UCSF Medical School and one of the first volunteers for PCI in our Casa de Todos clinic in Tijuana. She could always be counted on to recruit her best and brightest students to serve with us on the ground, often in countries far afield like Vietnam and Hong Kong.  In recent years, she was an active member of our long-time volunteer committee in the San Francisco Bay Area who also volunteered their time and their treasure in support of our programs overseas for many, many years.

Dr Halde passed away on June 11th, but her spirit and her belief in our mission will live on in PCI.

George Guimaraes
President & CEO