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Indonesia is the fourth most populous nation on the globe. Fifty-eight percent of Indonesia’s 220 million people reside in rural areas, where many people face dire health conditions. The situation is particularly dangerous for women and children. Less than 20 percent of Indonesians have access to piped water, and only 50 percent have regular access to clean drinking water. Approximately 30 million malaria cases are reported annually, and Indonesia has the world’s third highest incidence of tuberculosis. While HIV is not yet widespread, Indonesia’s remote province of Papua is facing a rapidly-growing epidemic among the general population.


PCI has been working in Indonesia since 1972, improving maternal and child health outcomes, reducing the threat of HIV and malaria, providing access to clean water and sanitation, helping communities impacted by the 2004 Asian Tsunami continue to recover and rebuild, and promoting disaster preparedness at the community level.