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Latest News on India Floods

July 3, 2013 – More than two weeks after pre-monsoon rains triggered flash floods and landslides in the northeast state of Uttarakhand, India, the exact number of those killed and missing is still unknown as heavy rains continue to hamper humanitarian efforts. At least 3,000 are believed to be missing and some 100,000 people have already been evacuated from the flood-hit region, which has impacted an estimated 4,200 (out of 22,000 total) villages in the state; of them, nearly one-third still have no connectivity or aid.

PCI is at the center of humanitarian coordination efforts, working alongside Sphere India and other government, international and national agencies to mobilize in-depth joint assessments, deploy volunteers and generate a comprehensive plan for recovery that addresses the immediate and longer-term needs of flood-affected communities. In addition to supporting a multi-sectoral multi-agency response, PCI is prioritizing efforts to support the capacity of local organizations working in the most remote and hard-hit areas.

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