Legacy Programs

“Legacy” for PCI means continuity, compassion, consistency, and commitment. Partner with us on our Legacy programs, and start making your own impact today.

The Purpose

Our legacy programs have unique importance for PCI, and are chosen because they represent some of our fundamental areas of focus: maternal/child health and nutrition, and economic empowerment. These valuable programs have strong track records of saving lives in the most vulnerable communities worldwide, and providing measurable solutions for preventable complications.

PCI is committed to allocating resources to these programs during our lifespan, as our signature strategies to serve communities in need. “Legacy” for PCI means continuity, compassion, consistency, and commitment. Partner with us on our Legacy programs, and start making your own impact today.

Our Programs

Healthy Children, Healthy Families

For over 25 years, PCI/Mexico’s Healthy Children, Healthy Families program has promoted the healthy development of families and children living Tijuana’s most vulnerable communities. Healthy Children, Healthy Families provides essential health services, including life-saving immunizations and growth monitoring for children; health education, including nutrition counseling and information on chronic diseases such as diabetes; and referrals to primary and specialty health care professionals. Critical to the success of the program are local community outreach workers – many of whom have volunteered for PCI since the program’s inception – who are trained by PCI staff in health promotion and disease prevention.  As the only resources for many of these communities, these community outreach workers often find themselves addressing a variety of urgent care cases, such as provision of oral rehydration therapy to children suffering from life-threatening diarrheal disease. PCI’s Healthy Children, Healthy Families program has reached nearly 70,000 children and has contributed to the decline of child malnutrition in Tijuana, the leading cause of child mortality.

Healthy Children, Healthy Families program fact sheet.

Watch the following video to understand the critical importance of PCI’s Healthy Children, Healthy Families program, which was produced as part of a collaboration with Design Matters at Art Center College of Design.

Casa Materna

Since 1974, PCI has worked in the highlands of rural Guatemala to improve the health of Mayan communities. Its Casa Materna facility provides women with clinical attention, evaluation, medicine and other vital reproductive services to ensure healthy pregnancies and access to health services to women. Casa Materna’s care however, transcends the clinical environment and contributes to the physical, emotional and psycho-social well-being of women. In addition to the facility-based care provided, the Casa Materna program reaches thousands of women and their families through outreach and training of community volunteers, family planning and counseling services within a culturally sensitive framework.  Between 2000 and 2010 over 63,000 women have been evaluated as outpatients, and nearly 6,000 of these patients were high-risk pregnant women who were received as in-patients because of life threatening complications due to their pregnancy. Built on principles of respect, caring and culturally-appropriate quality of care, the Casa provides direct, life-saving healthcare services, and equally important, it provides a protected, nurturing environment that also benefits the female clients in tangible ways.

See a great news feature highlighting Casa Materna’s successes as part of a study by Pop Council.

Vulnerable Children and Youth Program

India has the largest population of children living on the streets in the world, with estimates as high as 10 million. Many of these children run away from home to escape extreme poverty and abuse, while others are abandoned, orphaned or neglected. PCI began its Vulnerable Children and Youth Program in India in 2000 with a mission to protect, help and promote the development of street children facing challenging situations. Now expanded to serve vulnerable children not only on the streets but also from socially disadvantaged and marginalized communities, PCI works closely to give these children the education and support they need to support themselves and reintegrate into mainstream society, and to create a network of support among other voluntary organizations, donor agencies and government offices.  PCI provides critical services for the children, including shelter, nutrition, education, medical care, health care, vocational training, counseling, recreation and family reunification at its centers in Delhi and Haryana. 

Vulnerable Children and Youth Program fact sheet. 

Please watch the following video, which was created through a partnership with Alternative Gifts International, and highlights this impactful program:

Mobile Health Education

PCI’s van can be seen throughout San Diego at health and related community events. We provide hands on education about key health issues, and connect community members to our programs, partner agencies, and other local resources.

PCI mobile van in san diego

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