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The past several weeks of celebrating our mamas have been amazing. We’ve taken a closer look at some of our programs that work with powerful mamas around the world. We’ve shared stories, reveled in the comfort, and reminisced about the strength and characters our mamas have instilled in us and our community.

In our last week before Mother’s Day, we wanted to take a look at what it means to be a mama, and just how important mamas are to us, our work, and our world. The the simple fact is that there countless mamas across the globe shaping our world.

They do this in one, fundamental way: raising children.

00540 MAMA blog ads 1Mamas pour their lives into their families and their communities. In short, mamas are everything. Caring, loving, creative, smart, compassionate, funny, sensitive, tenacious… the list can go on and on. We’ve seen mamas who are unflinching in the face of adversity, and caring beyond measure – all in the same breath. What’s amazing is that we’ve found these traits in mamas to be universal. From our programs in Latin America, to Africa, to South Asia, we have yet to meet a mama who doesn’t embolden us in our work and serve as the crucial element to everything we do.

Regardless of our age or position in life, our mamas’ lessons and teachings persist, and the impressions they have on us last a lifetime. Mamas start us early on the idea that we can be, and do, anything we want if we work hard. They demonstrate the importance of family every day – and how working hard and caring for a family are not mutually exclusive. They teach us how to be a good provider, and that it’s better to give than to receive. And they instill in us a strong sense of independence, how to be resilient, and that we all deserve equal opportunities.

We get so much from our mamas without even realizing it. Think about your love of colors, your love of travel, your love of movies…your love of anything, and you can likely trace it back to your mama.

From the mamas we work with, we get a humbling sense of awe. We start by helping them realize their full potential. Then we try to get out of their way as they realize their potential is boundless. We have learned that regardless of what we go in to teach a mama, we come away having learned so much more.

Ultimately, our mamas are constantly inspiring. Because of them, we see no limits to the options that are available to women and girls. Because of them, we go to work every day knowing that we are making a difference. With them, we work so that we all can have the freedom to reach our potential and the capacity to live a happy life.